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Key considerations when moving your SAP infrastructure to the cloud

Establishing a future-proof datacenter solution 

  • Tony Jansen
    Tony Jansen

Establishing a future-proof data center solution

An increasing number of companies are shifting from a traditional, on-premise IT infrastructure to hybrid or even full cloud solutions. This shift opens up a range of opportunities and can be a major catalyst for business innovation. But what exactly are the benefits of cloud-enabled systems for your business, and how can you determine which technology or provider suits your needs best?

The rise of cloud infrastructure will only further boost the speed of innovation. The debut of SAP HANA, SAP’s in memory database technology, brings powerful momentum for innovation as well as for rethinking your organisation’s SAP infrastructure.

More power for less money

SAP HANA infrastructure requires an increased amount of resources, both in terms of processing power as well as memory. Cloud solutions can support these requirements in a highly flexible way, while reducing the TCO of your infrastructure at the same time through its pay-as-you-go model. Most companies will save money by moving sandbox, quality, and development environments to the cloud.

Making the move

Moving to the cloud by using a ‘lift and shift’ method is not always the best way to migrate your infrastructure to the cloud. Good planning and design are crucial to gaining the greatest benefit during and after transition. Many companies take a gradual approach. For example, they first move their development and testing environments and use the cloud as a disaster recovery site. This reduces the cost of the on-premise infrastructure and immediately creates more flexible testing capabilities, especially when migrating from a traditional SAP ECC system to HANA. 

Picking the right technology and providers

A move to the cloud should be part of a long-term vision regarding your SAP infrastructure. Therefore, it is crucial to assess your business-specific requirements and determine how your cloud strategy can align with these requirements. An important part of your strategy is the choice of providers, and which type of data will require which type of solution: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.

The most well-known cloud providers to choose from are:

Why Flexso?

Setting up a SAP data center strategy that suits your company’s specific needs can be a challenging task. With our combined business and technology expertise, Flexso can guide you in your choice of technology for on-premise, hybrid, and cloud infrastructure. 

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