ODTH First Class Logistics and Flexso: dreaming about logistic excellence through technology

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Dream big, act smart

How can SMEs stay on top of the highly competitive and cost-savvy world of logistics? ODTH First Class Logistics has a culture of innovation and a flexible, field-oriented management style. By using smart cameras at the entrance of the site and smart sensors, waiting lines and paper work are reduced for warehousing operations.

Discover the story and watch the video about how Bart Weymans (ODTH First Class Logistics) and David Pierre (Flexso) tackle innovation at ODTH First Class Logistics.

My big dream? Becoming even more efficient in our warehouse and reduce administrative burden to the max.

Bart Weymans, Project manager at ODTH First Class Logistics

When you use SAP, you have a stable platform that enables you to quickly innovate. And with a customer like ODTH First Class Logistics, ideas can be turned into deliverables in a very fast and business-oriented way, that’s what makes them a great customer to co-innovate with.

David Pierre, Competence Lead Digital Innovation & Technology at Flexso

Dream big, act smart

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