Cloud and ERP, the perfect match?

Cloud and ERP, the perfect match?

May 29 | Brussels

Whatever your business strategy, cloud applications bring opportunities worth looking at. That’s also the case for your ERP environment, the backbone of your organization. Riding the winds of change, SAP delivers S/4HANA in a public as well as private cloud solution. What is the way to go for your company? Are you ready to take the leap into cloud-based ERP? Or are you looking for a 2-tier model, with on-premise ERP in your HQ and cloud ERPin your branches abroad?

Don’t worry: you’re not the only one struggling with these questions. In our seminar on May 29, we’ll examine your options and explore how the cloud can accelerate your journey toward next-generation ERP.

What can you expect

  • Immerse yourself in the playing field and get an overview of the SAP roadmap for cloud ERP.
  • Weigh the benefits and challenges of public cloud, private cloud and on-premise solutions.
  • Learn how to leverage your ERP and align it with your company’s business strategy.
  • Walk through the SAP S/4HANA Cloud edition in a demo discovery tour. 
  • Discover the advantages of using the cloud for development, testing and quality assurance to get your ERP solution up and running faster.
  • Learn how to benefit from the fit-to-standard process model. 

Join our seminar on May 29, meet experts in the field and get a clear overview of next steps and the best deployment path for your ERP journey. Register now, because seats are limited.





Introduction to intelligent cloud ERP

We will evaluate the benefits and challenges of cloud ERP and explain why a private cloud, public cloud or on-premise solution fits your complex business needs.


SAP S/4HANA Cloud edition discovery tour

We take you on a demo trip through all the features and benefits of SAP S/4HANA Cloud edition.


The SAP roadmap for Cloud ERP

Johan Mine (Solution Specialist ERP Cloud, SAP) guides you through the roadmap of SAP Cloud ERP and illustrates several possible paths.


Implementation approach

We shed light on the advantages and enhanced user experience of the S/4HANA Cloud edition, including an innovative testing tool, migration cockpit and several mobile applications. Learn how to speed up your deployment with SAP Activate and how to build upgrade proof extensions.



Get an overview of key seminar takeaways. Bring the main challenges and benefits home with you and get ready to future-proof your organization.


Drink & appetizers


Many thanks for attending our seminar. For your convenience, you can download the presentation via the link below: 

Cloud and ERP, the perfect match? 

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