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7 reasons to love SAP `Hybris Cloud for Customer’

Zooming in on the benefits of SAP `Hybris Cloud for Customer’

  • Thomas Van Looy
    Thomas Van Looy

7 reasons why you’ll love SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer:

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C) is a full-blown CRM solution in the cloud. Or rather, it’s much more than that. Hybris C4C facilitates a truly omni-channel Customer Engagement and Commerce experience, unlike anything that your trusted CRM solution brings. And that’s not all …

Great looks, fantastic usability

Many of our (prospective) customers praise Hybris C4C on account of its attractive looks. Moreover, Hybris C4C is a very easy-to-use platform, thanks to its well-designed, practical user interface (UI). As you can see below, the user interface is structured around ‘work centers’ and ‘work center views’:

Smooth integration

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer features, as standard, out-of-the-box integration. Your CRM platform can thus be easily linked to and from many major (3rd party) applications, such as social networks, SAP on-premise solutions or even ERP software from other providers.

SAP offers an extensive Microsoft Excel add-in, as well as one for Microsoft Outlook. As we explained in an earlier blog, the data is constantly synced between Hybris C4C and the Microsoft platform, so that you can choose which platform you work in (bi-directional).


SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer is available in many industry-specific ‘flavors’, providing features and functionalities to meet the particular needs of an industry. There is, e.g. Hybris C4C for Automotive, Banking, Retail, Insurance, Professional Services, Utilities and Higher Education. Also here, smooth integration is key: your CRM industry solution can be easily integrated into industry-specific back-office systems.

Mobile (on- and offline)

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer supports the three key mobile platforms (Android, iOS and Windows) and is available on mobile devices in an offline mode. That means that this CRM can be used on a tablet even if there is no wireless Internet connection, thus significantly raising user efficiency!

Secure and future-proof

Need some more reasons to love Hybris C4C? SAP considers data security of major importance. SAP will therefore run your CRM system without any interference of third parties, in a preferred (EU-located, if needed), ISO-certified datacenter that meets all the international security standards.

Last but not least, Hybris C4C is also future-proof: it will grow along with you and is kept up to date. Every quarter (February, May, August and November), SAP launches several new functionalities. Quite often, these updates are inspired by customer feedback, as users are invited to post and vote for the best ideas on SAP’s online `Idea Place’. In this way, Hybris C4C is up to speed on all the latest functionalities and never stops expanding its features.

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