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Why should you consider SAP HANA and how do you migrate?

A roadmap to SAP HANA

  • Zjef Mallaerts
    Zjef Mallaerts

Customers often wonder why using SAP HANA is necessary and when migration is recommended. The answer depends on many factors. Below are some key points to consider.

Eight reasons for migrating to SAP HANA

  1. Speed up your processes
    With SAP HANA you can process large volumes of data into usable reports much faster.

  2. Innovate to win
    SAP HANA offers several new functions that were not technically possible before. Predictive Analysis, for example, gives you an overview of which installations in your production equipment are due for renewal.
  3. Simplify your business
    All solutions are pooled together on a single platform, simplifying your IT landscape. Moreover, thanks to its seamless integration with SAP Fiori, SAP HANA is very user-friendly.
  4. Endlessly integrate
    Integration with big data systems (i.e. Hadoop) and statistical analysis systems (i.e. R) are available by default.
  5. Flexibly combine data
    SAP HANA works effortlessly with data from various sources (OLAP, OLTP, structured and unstructured data) to provide you with a complete picture of your business.
  6. Suited for your business
    SAP HANA is available on-premise, in the cloud and for hybrid environments.
  7. Efficiently use capacity
    Since databases are loaded in a different way, the total data storage needed is reduced considerably.
  8. Analyze in real-time
    SAP in-memory computer technology enables the real-time analysis of huge amounts of data. This allows you to use applications for implementation, planning and analysis at the same time.

Tailoring SAP HANA to your business environment

We apply our knowledge of SAP HANA and Fiori to tackle our customers’ challenges. Separately or entirely integrated, from BW to SCM, SAP Business Suite and S/4HANA, from native SAP HANA models to complete S/4HANA conversions… Whatever we work on, we start with your vision. This is the foundation needed to develop a suitable solution for your business. 

Preparing your business for migration

Moving to SAP HANA entails more than a simple database migration: the journey helps pave the way for business advantages by making effective use of real-time data. This requires new ways of thinking about the existing economic, technical and organizational reality. That’s why each migration project is unique to each company.

When drawing up a roadmap, it is important to analyze all scenarios and existing solutions.

  • Can you (re)use existing systems?
  • Can you edit existing roadmaps?
  • Is your company ready to implement SAP HANA?
  • Do you want to migrate gradually or at once?
  • Are the solutions already implemented still effective?

Flexso gladly helps guide you on your journey. We generate a roadmap and step-by-step plan to help define your strategic goals for the future. We consider:

  • installation of and conversion to S/4HANA (including full hardware and system landscape setup);
  • migration and optimization of BW on HANA;
  • installation of and conversion to Business Suite on HANA (including full hardware and system landscape setup);
  • live reporting of SAP HANA;
  • implementation of HANA sidecar scenario;
  • Analytical and Smart Business Cockpit apps with Fiori on HANA;
  • native HANA development;
  • functional and technical training sessions;
  • coaching on ABAP4HANA;
  • development of a strategy and roadmap to prepare the migration.

Ready to make the move to SAP HANA, or looking for advice on how to get started? Contact us. 

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