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Internship | Creating a smarter future

  • Dries Van Vaerenbergh & Keith Vella

The six-month internships that Dries and Keith - students of Applied Computer Science - did at Flexso simply flew by. Let’s hear about their experiences.

Dries goes Industry 4.0

I didn't know much about SAP before I started at Flexso, but I soon became fully immersed in this world. Thanks to my colleagues’ knowledge and enthusiasm, I was quickly up to speed with all the SAP trends. By actively participating in workshops and projects, I gained all the necessary practical knowledge. 

My internship involved creating a smart factory, using sensors and data analysis. The objective was to establish a digital version of this factory, which we could then use to improve its overall performance. We did this by linking a prototype of the smart factory to SAP S/4HANA using SAP Internet of Things and smart sensors. We also created dashboards based on the Fiori look and feel. 

New kid on the block op het Flexso Industry 4.0 seminar

I was very proud to be able to present my ‘IoT Dashboard’ to a professional audience at our Industry 4.0 seminar in Mechelen. It was an experience that I won’t forget! 

Smart coffee @ Miko

Miko not only sells coffee but also rents out coffee machines to B2B customers. Of course, it would be ideal for Miko and its customers if the coffee consumption could be constantly measured and the invoices were drawn up on that basis. So, customers would only be billed for the number of coffees actually consumed — no more and no less. In other words, “Coffee as a Service”! 

What else does this service include? Automatic notifications of any problems or technical defects. This allows Miko's technical service to make sure that a machine is up and running again before the client has even noticed that something is wrong. That is a truly pro-active service!

To achieve this, I created a solution that collects the necessary data from the coffee machine in real time via an industrial computer , the Raspberry PI. This computer then sends the data to the SAP Internet of Things Services to be stored in a cloud data lake. There this data is available to connect to SAP - for example to prepare invoices or notify the technical service.
Of course, it is essential that the customer can read this interesting data somewhere. For this purpose, I created a dashboard so the customer can check the coffee consumption and status of their machines. Because measuring means knowing! 

An added plus was that the result was exhibited at the SAP Customer Experience Centre in Evere . 


"To me, Flexso was a place where I could be myself, surrounded by awesome colleagues and with the focus on innovation during cool projects. I enjoyed a lot of responsibility which gave me the chance to gain a lot of experience."

A new perspective on SAP warehouse management with Keith

Thousands of employees of large warehouses or companies are involved in activities such as the collection of goods, and loading and unloading of cargo, which are very time-consuming. Can we make these more efficient? It must be possible, especially if this information is already available in SAP. A partnership between Flexso Digital and Picavi allowed me to find a solution for this.

Smart glasses. Most people are aware of this concept as a cool gadget. But did you know that smart glasses can also be used in professional environments? Picavi can offer solutions with Smart Vision glasses to logistics companies. Integration with SAP? Check! 

My research focused on designing a Proof of Concept of Google Glass connected to S/4HANA. As they walk around the warehouse, warehouse operators wearing these glasses receive the information they need to carry out their work in real time. They receive answers to questions “in the field”, such as what goods to collect, for which customer and the type of transport, and where to place the goods. 

You can see the results in the video below:

Flexso is convinced that working on real cases will contribute to interns’ motivation and development. They believe that with the right guidance and support, anyone can successfully complete a project. Although working together is essential for this, I was also given the space to work independently.

Looking for an internship where teamwork and knowledge-sharing are the focal points?

Then Flexso is the place for you. Take a look at our vacancies page, and who knows — you might soon be creating a smarter future too! 

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