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A smooth and efficient purchasing process – from procurement to billing

User-friendly end-to-end solution

  • Peter Geukens
    Peter Geukens

The province of Flemish Brabant (PVB) is a Belgian local government that links the municipal, Flemish and federal authorities. The provincial council implements and develops projects and ensures financial support to local initiatives and associations. Its competencies are extensive, ranging from provincial schools and domains, heritage and economy to environmental issues. To make sure that all the different support processes (human resources, payroll, financial processes, purchasing, etc.) are running smoothly and simply, the province relies on SAP. Recently, the procurement/invoicing process was given a facelift.

Objectives for a streamlined purchasing process

In the past, the purchasing process at PVB – from procurement to payment – was very time-consuming. Looking for a way to reduce the number of manual steps and validations, the province called in the help of Flexso. Together, we set up an improvement project with three objectives:

  • Optimize the process flow from procurement to payment
  • Integrate a structured approval process
  • Improve the user experience 

Optimizing the process flow – from procurement to payment

Lexmark Process Director, an SAP-certified platform for invoice automation, proved to be the best solution to simplifying the purchasing processes. Flexso entrusted its colleagues from Dynatos – a subsidiary of the Cronos group and an expert in Lexmark’s e-invoicing solution – with the implementation.
The result? Less manual work, thanks to centralized, automatic invoice scanning and OCR. In addition, the invoice processing, including (automatic) controls and entries in SAP Financials were also optimized. 

Integrate a structured approval process

To ensure a more efficient approval process, PVB wanted an alternative to the manual approval of purchasing orders. We decided to automate the approval flow with SAP Workflow and SAP Fiori, while changing the flow itself as well: PVB now (automatically) approves invoices instead of purchasing orders.
The result? The number of approvals needed has declined dramatically. Today, employees only have to approve exceptions; the rest is automatically approved. 

Improving and simplifying the user experience

To ensure that end users enthusiastically embrace the new solution, we attached major importance to an excellent user user experience (UX). Hence the choice for SAP Fiori ‘apps’, a modern, intuitive user interface that also supports mobile access.
The result? Thanks to the rollout of out-of-the-box SAP Fiori ‘apps’, end users can now smoothly approve order forms, delivery receipts and invoices – without preliminary training and via any device, from laptop to smartphone and tablet. 

A great UX is much more than a good-looking user interface.

SAP: attractive and user-friendly?

Dynatos and Flexso delivered an all-in-one package: a user-friendly solution that automates the entire invoicing flow, leading to enthusiastic, satisfied end users.
This project proves that SAP can be attractive and user-friendly. Lexmark + Fiori = a winning team!

How did PVB experience this project?

"A very professional approach and motivated people with the right expertise – that’s how we achieved our targets within the predetermined timeframe."
Greet Matthijs, Secretary to the board and IT project leader

Technical background

  • SAP NW Gateway
  • SAP Fiori
  • SAP Screen Personas
  • SAP Content Server
  • Lexmark Capture
  • Lexmark Process Director
  • Lexmark WorkCycle

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