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Accurate, real-time data for the field engineers

Online and offline mobile app – as a guarantee for smooth support and services 

  • NIcolas Goris

Access to correct, accurate data is of vital importance in healthcare. That is why Tosoh Bioscience decided to optimize its support and services processes, providing its field engineers with ready, mobile, real-time access to data. The result? Customer services have improved significantly. Field engineers work more efficiently. And Tosoh itself has a much clearer overview of all the running projects.

Tosoh Bioscience
, part of the Japanese Tosoh Corporate, distributes and maintains products and solutions for diagnostics in clinical laboratories, such as blood and urine analyzers. The company is a global leader in analyzers to monitor the treatment of diabetes patients. While technology – and sciences – are key at Tosoh Bioscience’s European headquarters in Tessenderlo, outstanding services and support are just as important. 

Wanted: easy access to data, at the customer’s site

If Tosoh customers – generally laboratories – have an issue with a Tosoh product, they want it to be solved as quickly as possible. Tosoh has a dedicated team of Field Service Engineers, who are tasked with troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining the devices. When at the customer’s site, however, the technicians had difficulty accessing information on the installation. 

Focus on stability, real-time data and off/online usage

Tosoh teamed up with Flexso to review the existing .NET application. Together with an in-house team, we analyzed the processes, mapping every single step in the flow. Based on these insights, we outlined a new solution. Focal points of the new platform included stability, data, traceability and the possibility to access all the data both off- and online, at any moment. 

An innovative .NET application

Together with Qframe, a subsidiary of Cronos, we enhanced the exsting .NET application and revised the offline synchronization with the backend. An international group of Tosoh employees, all with different roles in IT and business, extensively tested the pilot. The result was a reliable, innovative, user-friendly app that met the needs of everyone involved. 

Benefits for the engineer, the system administrator and the customer

  • All the information is available offline (service contracts, customer data, device details, running service orders, etc.)
  • Confirmations are processed smoothly
  • Overview of all the spare parts and the stock
  • An online reporting tool allows backoffice employees to efficiently follow up, inspect and process every syncing activity
  • Easier follow-up of all the actions, for FSEs and their managers
  • Secured yet user-friendly: the app and its data are encrypted and FSEs can easily log in via the Windows domain
  • Faster customer services
  • More accurate invoicing. 

Phased go-live

As the initial sync involved an enormous amount of data, we opted for a step-by-step go-live, with 60 Field Service Engineers. Thanks to the planned hypercare services, we were able to tackle child’s diseases as soon as these cropped up.

Today, all Tosoh’s Field Services Engineers enjoy working with the reliable, new mobile app, day in, day out. 

Technical background

  • Modules: SD en MM, CRM Services (orders and confirmations)
  • SAP Gateway
  • SAP Webdispatcher
  • AngularJS
  • .NET developments

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