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Are your systems limiting the true potential of your business?

The power of an integrated ERP Suite to unlock growth.

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Companies need technology that can keep up with their growth. If not, this becomes the bottleneck that constrains further developments. A modular, integrated ERP Suite fits this bill. It not only gives you the chance to see what’s happening across the entire business and how the data from one function intersects with the next, it also organically adapts and grows as new needs arise. Let’s take a look at a prime example.

Business ByDesign

This software suite is built from the ground up to connect the silos that start appearing as businesses grow. From finance, across marketing/CRM and HR to project management, SRM and supply chain: Business ByDesign finds its way through every aspect of your business and unifies them in a single, elegant solution.

Key benefits

Business ByDesign is a user-friendly solution designed for fast-growing business. Almost 4.000 business entities in 27 different industries all over the world have chosen BYD to drive their growth and sustain it.
The secret? These six benefits:

  1. It’s an end-to-end-solution
    Don’t spend time developing or rethinking back-office processes. All facets and functions of your business are covered in an affordable package that’s easy to implement. With built-in modules for processes from finance and sales to product management and purchasing, you’re up-and-running in days. But that doesn’t mean it skimps on quality. Based on best practices from 40 years of business process experience, you enjoy best-in-class facilities in record time.
  2. It’s built to support your growth
    It’s all in the name; Business ByDesign is created to suit any business like a glove. Today and tomorrow. It adapts to how you work and scales as you add employees, business units, new markets, new ways of working and new lines of business. Simply start using the function(s) you need now and as your needs grow, add another set.
  3. Real-time analytics included
    Analytics are crucial in any business process, so Business ByDesign takes this seriously. Its real-time analytics are not an add-on. They are integrated in the solution and shed light into every corner of your business. The result? Data driven decisions. Instantly.
  4. Constant improvement
    By continuously innovating and conveniently delivering ERP in the cloud, Business ByDesign is always on top of its game.

  5. It’s user-friendly, mobile and responsive
    No matter when or where you log in, with an integrated ERP Suite in the cloud, you’ll always have the most up-to-date information. And it won’t be a hassle to work with; BYD comes with a series of user-oriented apps designed to simplify day-to-day tasks like time and expense reporting, project management and analytics.
  6. Integrates with Office 365, Concur, SAP Successfactors,…
    Business ByDesign connects seamlessly with the systems you use now, and the ones you might need in the future. Featuring APIs that allow quick connections to custom solutions you’ve built as well as pre-built integrations with Office 365, Concur and SAP SuccessFactors, the options for growth are endless. 

The added value of Flexso

Although Business ByDesign is relatively new in Belgium, Flexso has been involved in this solution from the start. As an official SAP Gold Partner, we’ve had the chance to accumulate valuable experience with business around the world. Our knowledge of ERP and expertise in end-to-end solutions is our secret to a successful cooperation and a correct roadmap on the path to an integrated, personalized ERP-platform.

Whether you should opt for S/4HANA Public Cloud or Business ByDesign will depend on your business case, so let’s have a chat and find out which solution matches with your organization. 

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