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Choosing between SSP and Fiori

  • Peter Geukens
    Peter Geukens

SAP Fiori is without doubt the user interface which SAP wants to integrate into all screens in the future. Today, however, many companies are still using 'old' transactions via the standard SAP Graphical User Interface (GUI), which is not always user-friendly. SAP Screen Personas (SSP) is a good way to give the screens a fresh, contemporary look and feel. This tool allows you to customize screens to your wishes in a simple way. And you won't need any programming skills!

The advantages of SAP Screen Personas?

SSP has numerous advantages, for IT and in particular for the key users and end users.

Advantages for IT:

  • time savings thanks to easy installation and absence of complex developments
  • cost savings: fast development lowers management costs

Advantages for key users and end users:

  • simpler, clearer SAP GUI screens (tab strips, subscreens, move or hide fields) enabled by dashboards with shortcuts and scripts for repetitive tasks, among other improvements
  • user-friendly software
  • web-based, and therefore access via browser
  • efficiency and input speed
  • possibility to create screens for each target group with relevant fields
  • fewer screens
  • fewer steps in a process

What will it be? SAP Screen Personas or Fiori?

SAP Screen Personas and SAP Fiori are both crucial in SAP’s UX strategy and have the same goal: to make SAP more intuitive.

The difference? With Fiori you have standard content and a platform for custom developments. With SSP, (specific) users are able to adjust the screens quickly, without any programming skills. The diagram below shows the criteria you have to take into account when choosing between SSP and Fiori:

In addition, it is also important to factor in user groups, budget and the overall corporate strategy.

Do you need advice to decide which solution is the best for your environment? Feel free to contact us. Together with you, our experts analyse your processes and identify your needs. We use mock-ups and prototypes to give you an idea of the end result you should expect. With our advice, you can be sure that you will choose the right solution!

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