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BORIS – the ERP Sales Portal for BOREALIS

An efficient and user-friendly app for the account manager on the move.

  • David Pierre
    David Pierre

Borealis is a European market leader in both production and sales of plastics, base chemicals and fertilizers. Spread over 120 countries and 5 continents, the company employs about 6500 people. In 2015, Borealis booked a turnover of 7,7 billion euro and a net profit of 988 million euro. Their headquarters are in Vienna, Austria. 


Before the sales portal went live, Borealis’ European account managers depended on an internal sales team to process their orders in SAP. They couldn’t do this on their own, on the road. The subcontractors (as in: external warehouses) didn’t have access to the Borealis SAP system either. This ment endless phone calls or e-mails.

Borealis wanted:

  • A more efficient sales process with less manual input.
  • More autonomy for the account managers. They have to be able to enter the clients’ orders on their own, even remotely.
  • A clear overview of the sales process, including a built-in management approval sequence.
  • Direct SAP-access for external warehouses through a realtime app.
  • A better and faster response to customer requests, with tracking. 

Tailor-made and lightning quick

Flexso developed BORIS, a sales and distribution portal based on the mobile and intuitive SAP Fiori user interface. Here’s how it works:

  • Through the ‘Order Entry’ app, accountmanagers submit their sales orders in SAP.
  • The back office and internal sales teams can focus on exceptions, in stead of copying data.
  • Sales managers check the sales orders that don’t meet the minimal commercial criteria through the ‘My inbox’ app. They can also dial in pricing and other parameters (such as shipping times) via a user-friendly, Excel-based tool.
  • Stock keepers have access to the ‘Goods issue & Reversal’ app. They use this to instantly track client orders and warehouse flow. 


Within weeks, the account managers were processing most of the client orders and contracts themselves. Meanwhile, the external warehouses took care of thousands of deliveries. It’s no surprise that a few months in, BORIS had been rolled out to 13 European countries.

“Thanks to BORIS, the Sales Managers themselves can fully process an order just as fast as it used to take them to brief the internal sales teams. This frees up a huge amount of time to focus on customer service.” Herman Gregoor – IT Manager, Business Solutions Base Chemicals.

Technical background

  • SAP Fiori
  • SAP NW Gateway
  • SAP Business Workflow
  • SAP HANA Cloud Platform – Web IDE + Cloud Connector

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