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BW on HANA: an innovation boost for Bridgestone

Tangible business benefits, bright future prospects

  • Koen Vanderwegen
    Koen Vanderwegen

Bridgestone Europe is a key subsidiary of the Tokyo-based Bridgestone Corporation. They are the world’ s largest manufacturer of tyres and rubber products. Having been Bridgestone Europe’s allies in SAP for many years, we were given the opportunity to execute their BW on HANA migration. And that’s not the end of it.

The first tyres were made of leather. Then iron. Then rubber. As traffic evolved, the technology to produce them had to keep up. Bridgestone has been at the forefront of this journey for decades, so when they saw their SAP system struggle in heavy traffic they knew what to do: innovate. Bridgestone’s bottle neck was data. In order to handle this stream (and create the right reports), BW needed an overhaul. 

The basis for success

Aiming for success from the get-go, we dove deep into our client’s world and got well acquainted through intense workshops and a thorough system analysis.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
― Benjamin Franklin

A full system analysis allowed for solid pre-migration advice and a clear budget estimate. And we weren’t just determined to stick to this, we also wanted to help Bridgestone save money. 

The process

The first step was to set up a parallel landscape for ongoing projects, so the business kept humming along smoothly while we migrated the system. Next to the required migration actions, we spotted a couple of quick wins. A performance boost, for example, by optimizing their existing reporting models. And thanks to a set of good business contacts, we were also able to assist in supporting the UAT testing. Rounding off, we guided the set-up of a real-time archiving system (Near Line Storage) so the HANA appliance won’t be requiring any upscale in the coming years.


  • Housekeeping cuts the database in half, from 10TB to 5TB, which also cuts the costs of HANA.
  • The reporting performance increases, making things run on average 12 times faster.
  • Data loads performance increases, allowing to keep the Business SLA to have all data loaded before 7 in the morning. This means that the night batch now finishes four hours earlier.
  • A reduction of the total cost of ownership as well as the implementation time of changes, due to HANA optimized models. 

The future

Bridgestone’s wishes aligned seamlessly with HANA’s features. By extracting ERP data and importing it into BW, the persistent reporting models were fed and were combined with virtual data models in a hybrid setup, providing a solid base for supporting innovative analytical reporting and planning tools. Also requesting speed and future-proof flexibility, the solution was to suggest a full SAP move. As this launchpad for new tools and solutions will make Bridgestone’s SAP landscape leap years ahead, we’re very proud to say that we’re currently working on it.


If your company is considering migrating the BW system to SAP HANA we can assist in various ways:

  • Building your business case
  • Project preparation: Housekeeping, sizing, project plan…
  • Project Management
  • HANA Expertise for solid project execution
  • Model Simplification as project scope or as post go-live activities

Feel free to contact us and strike up a conversation with one of our solution architects.

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