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Content Night

Students push the logistics boundaries for Coolblue

  • Arne Goudeseune
    Arne Goudeseune

If the Content Night ‘Innovate Coolblue Logistics with SAP’ proved one thing, it’s that students are the future of tomorrow. Goal of the night: sharing creative ideas in a fun atmosphere with some snacks and drinks. The members of student association Imbit surprised each other with their innovative and groundbreaking ideas.

Implementing smart processes: an idea that undoubtedly sounds familiar to the University of Antwerp’s business engineering students. But how do you transform the theory into practical solutions? That’s what the participants discovered during Flexso's Content Night, where everything revolves around innovative and creative ideas.

Content (noun): the information presented in a dialog, publication or video. 

Groundbreaking results

In the inspiring buildings of the university, the students examined the logistics processes of Coolblue – an e-commerce company famous for its blue boxes. Els Vanhoof and Arne Goudeseune, both SAP Consultants at Flexso, led the workshop. The challenge? Using innovative ideas to map out the logistics processes of the company and innovate to improve them in a creative way. A breeze for students who unite under the moniker "Innovation Meets Business and IT".

“The brainstorm generated amazing results,” Arne proudly says. "A sensor that measures the impact of the delivery process on the packages, new logistics possibilities via vending machines, warehouse optimization for faster delivery – you name it, the students probably thought of it!”

Cozy atmosphere

In other words, the future is in good hands. After the workshop, innovations like blockchain, machine learning and IoT (Internet of Things) had few secrets left for the students. "And even if they did, the enthusiastic young people are certainly ready to unravel them,” Arne says.

"The reception at the end of the day was the icing on the cake,” Els concludes. "After all, in the pursuit of a dream job, atmosphere and fun colleagues matter a great deal. It’s safe to say we really had a fun day! We were even kicked out of the building at closing time…"

Flexso is proud to be a part of projects like this one, in which we introduce students to the technological challenges in the world of SAP, preparing them for their future careers. Want to know more about our workshops? Contact us!

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