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Crelem Bakeries gains digital momentum

  • Mario Aerts
    Mario Aerts

In 2015, the Cretskens Group took on a bankrupt bakery and Crelem Bakeries was born. It quickly became clear that digitalisation would prove the key to a successful new start. Crelem Bakeries joined forces with Flexso to innovate virtually every process, cooking itself up a great future as a result. Crelem Bakeries is now a successful company with 500 staff across 3 departments in Asse, Diest and Heusden-Zolder. 

Renewed faith in SAP

Transformation Consultant Anne-Mie Foucart streamlined the far-reaching changes at Crelem Bakeries. After an extensive comparison of three ERP solutions, the board opted for SAP once again. Anne-Mie turned to Flexso for the implementation.

Flexso's range of Managed Services, in which Flexso manages every aspect of the SAP environment, was the perfect match,” says Anne-Mie. “I was aware of Flexso's competencies from previous projects. For me, they were already a very valuable partner. Crelem Bakeries quickly gained the necessary confidence in them too.”

“Even before the bankruptcy, Crelem Bakeries had already come up with numerous solutions for optimising their processes with SAP,” continues Anne-Mie. “The renewed choice in favour of SAP meant that these investments were not lost. We could simply build on past progress.”

“Crelem Bakeries needed a stable partner to support them from a to z. Flexso was the perfect match.”
Anne-Mie Foucart, Transformation Consultant at Crelem Bakeries 

One-stop shop

The innovations reached every single department. “Flexso actively thought along with us,” continues Anne-Mie. “From ordering and labelling to delivery and invoicing: absolutely everything was digitalised.”

The financial management was simplified with SAP FiCo. The Flexso team also set up the entire sales and distribution system in SAP to ensure that the sale, production, distribution and invoicing of the fresh products ran smoothly. The existing system and web portal were integrated seamlessly with SAP at the same time. Flexso also gave the CRM system an SAP Customer Experience overhaul and the consultants analysed business opportunities with SAP Lumira. All these technical tools work together to catapult Crelem Bakeries into the future.

An example: Crelem Bakeries has both superstores and village grocery stores in its portfolio, each with their own invoicing requirements. Some want more detailed calculations than others, some require a digital invoice and others still swear by paper. Discounts also need to be calculated and displayed correctly, no easy task in the market for fresh products where everything needs to happen at top speed. The SAP Sales and Distribution platform set up by Flexso is helping Crelem to streamline all these aspects. 

Efficient processes

“Flexso adopted a creative approach to the transition from the old ERP systems to the new SAP environment,” says Anne-Mie. “Instead of turning everything upside down all at once, they developed new modules very gradually. As a result, they could always provide the interfaces required to synchronise the old and new solutions. This ensured a smooth transition.”

“Since the project was launched, various processes have been a lot more efficient,” says Anne-Mie. “It's easier to introduce new products, promotions can be implemented more quickly and the quality of our invoicing has also improved. These days, we are also much more successful at tracking deliveries and producing labels quickly and accurately.” 

Peace of mind

Anne-Mie: “We have not stopped innovating. For example, we are working on new ordering modules, a digital warehouse, sales tools, that kind of thing. We really are making the most of the possibilities of SAP. We hold discussions with Flexso's consultants every two weeks, allowing us to coordinate the technical solutions perfectly with the specific challenges in the market for fresh products. We rely completely on Flexso in the areas of licences, hosting, development, follow-up care and lots more. Thanks to our strong, long-term collaboration, Crelem Bakeries can continue to develop a great future.”

Would you like to tackle your business challenges with a creative SAP solution? Flexso would be delighted to help you. Contact us. 

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