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S/4HANA Deep Dive training

Over 25 senior Flexso consultants receive in-house S/4HANA Deep Dive training

  • Lien Desmet
    Lien Desmet

The evolution towards S/4HANA is nothing short of a revolution within SAP. As an innovative partner, we like to push things forward and lead the way, so we decided to help all our senior ERP consultants get to grips with this new solution. These workshops are not about dipping your toes, it’s a proper Deep Dive. The goal? For them to be able to confidently advise the client about all the opportunities a move to S/4HANA entails. After all, we’re not talking about a mere update. Based on innovation from within, this is SAP’s next big thing.

What some of our colleagues have to say:

Zjef Mallaerts, coach and founder of this training program.

“Flexso likes to be at the heart of what’s happening in SAP. From the moment a new feature is launched, we will evaluate how our teams and our clients can benefit from it. A game changer like S/4HANA is something we simply could not ignore, so we decided to thoroughly train our senior consultants. To us it’s very important that they can adequately answer all questions about S/4HANA and that they excel in giving advice about the move.”

What does the training look like?
“Over the course of 4 weeks, we plan daytime and evening sessions. In these sessions, the senior consultants receive training specifically tailored to their line of business. We’re talking lectures, but hands-on sessions as well. We want them to truly get to grips with the system. Therefore, our in-house experts always start the exercises with real cases and lead the consultants through the entire process, from start to finish. This way, knowledge gets shared throughout the entire team and on every level: a core value within this company.”

Bart Mols, senior ERP consultant

You started at Flexso just a few months ago. What impact did the Deep Dive Training have on your job?
“After 9 years of working in ICT, I was ready for a new challenge. I love innovations and I like learning new skills, so the Deep Dive Training S/4HANA was one of the main reasons I was tempted to start at Flexso. Next to taking the Deep Dive, I immediately got to work exploring the proof of concept for Elia’s S/4HANA conversion. By combining the Deep Dive with this POC at Elia, I gathered enough knowledge to have my own input in the training course. For me, it’s been a perfect way of putting Flexso’s famed co-learning strategy into practice.”

What did you think of the course?
“It was a true asset. I got a clear overview of the new app, new interfaces, new features, … Following this course with colleagues from other business lines proved to be a nice breeding ground for creative thinking and discussing best practices from different angles. Any questions that we couldn’t give a straight answer to were sent to SAP and at the end of the Deep Dive they dropped by with a ton of elaborate answers.” 

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