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Flexso's approach to design thinking

  • Yaeko Tack
    Yaeko Tack

At Flexso you can just be yourself

Thanks to my internship with Flexso this summer I had the chance to put the theory of ‘design thinking’ into practice.
A traineeship is not obliged in our studies, but to me personally, it was more of an added value and a way to gain some professional experience.

At the start of my traineeship, it is crystal clear that Flexso did not steal its name: they are flexible, open to change in terms of adapting –where possible- and to determine the subject of your assignment. In a later phase it became clear that you work independently, yet in close cooperation with other members of the Flexso team. Flexso stimulates you to develop a creative problem-solving and solutions thinking attitude.

Addressing, analyzing & test!

The goal of my traineeship was to make the first steps for the “Flexso approach to design thinking”, which must result in a summary of tools and a methodology that Flexso can use as an effective tool.
Based on the available literature about design thinking and the way this is already being applied by SAP in their projects, we made an analysis of how design thinking could be applied within and by Flexso.

From here on, we defined 5 steps: Strategize, Define, Ideate, Prototype & Deliver.

In the right place at the right time

This plan, that consists of five steps, was put in to practice with a Flexso customer. For this customer, this assignment was the right project, at the right place and at the right moment. It gave us the opportunity to experience what worked and what did not work in ‘real-time’ and how to improve.

This customer, had a clear preference for working with SAP Fiori for the final phase. So, we examined all the possibilities in SAP Fiori to make it visual how the final solution could look like.

Flexso has been given me the freedom to take the initiative during the meetings with the customer. Thanks to that go-ahead, I got the opportunity as well to develop my social -and leadership skills.

Why Flexso you ask?

Well, overall was my traineeship a positive experience. When you have question, or you are stuck with something, you can always ask one of the colleagues. They consider you as “one of the team”, which creates a pleasant work climate. There’s a lot of laughing but people also work hard. For me it was very inspiring to see how passionate the Flexso team is. 

Ready for your traineeship?

Are you ready for a traineeship at Flexso? Do not hesitate to contact them, they maintain an open-door policy. You can be sure that they will listen and hear you, offering you an assignment that suits closely to your interest and studies.

Yaeko Tack , Master Student Business Engineering Operations Management, UGent. 

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