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Digital MasterClass

September 21 | Brussels

  • Flexso

The next SAPience Digital MasterClass will be on September 21. In this session you will discover how people and business processes get impacted by digital transformation.

During this session, discover more about:

  • What does Digital Transformation exactly mean? Is it just the newest hype or is it more?
  • What is the vision of SAP?
  • What are the areas where innovation can change your business?
  • How to create an action plan? What about teamwork? What roles? What profiles? How do you manage?
  • What is the typical DNA – a mix between entrepreneurs & innovators?

As an expert in digital transformation, we will share two inspiring cases:

  • From Industry 4.0 towards Business 4.0: Smarter companies
    Companies want to use digital technologies to strengthen their working in several domains:
    - Smart processes in production, logistics, …;
    - Human-centric: putting the employee in the center of the company. How can we help the employee to become more flexible and productive;
    - Business model transformation: how to create new and smart products and services and how to interact with customers, suppliers, partners, stakeholders, …
    See examples from companies like NewTec, Tenneco, Miko, … how SAP Leonardo can help them with IoT, Big Data & Analytics.
  • Win in a software driven world: Low-code app development for digital transformation
    Companies struggle with IT complexity, the complexity of their (SAP) systems, needed IT skills, …
    - How can companies develop hyper-agile apps, on top of SAP or other platforms by using this “rapid application development” tool;
    - How can this help with “business engagement” and efficient alignment between business and IT and how can this eliminate “shadow IT” teams;
    - How can companies use this mode 2 tool to open up the power of SAP to customers, vendors, …?
    We’ll show with a demo how non-IT companies still build enticing apps.


SAP Experience Center
Avenue des Olympiades 2 Olympiadenlaan,
1140 Evere – Brussels


September 21, 12.30 till 18.30

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