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A dynamic and user-friendly GDPR register for Agfa

An SAP Cloud Platform app

  • Peter Geukens
    Peter Geukens

The GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation – taking effect on 25 May requires all European companies to keep track of what they do with the personal data of customers and employees. To manage all this information in a clear and dynamic way, Agfa turned to Flexso. The result: a custom-built, user-friendly application on the SAP Cloud Platform.

At Agfa, huge amounts of data are collected and processed on a daily basis: addresses of staff, potential customers’ telephone numbers, invoicing data - you name it. According to Article 30 of the GDPR, the multinational must keep a register stating what they do with this data, who has access to it and how they protect it. Agfa decided to tackle this challenge together with Flexso. 

Central system, decentralized management

Karl Anthonissen, Quality & Compliance Manager at Agfa: "Instead of setting up an ad hoc register, we looked for a more structural, well-thought-out solution. The information collected within Agfa is too diverse and distributed to be managed by one individual. It seemed more logical to grant several employees spread over our offices access to a central system. Those people would then be able to add, modify and maintain information in the database.”

A great idea, but a solution to enable this decentralized management was not available. That’s why Agfa decided to develop one itself. Karl: "We had just purchased a license for the SAP Cloud Platform and were exploring its possibilities. When Flexso offered to build an application for our GDPR register within that environment, we were naturally very enthusiastic. We got two for the price of one: a solution for our data management and a thorough introduction to the platform of the future. "

“The application is a technical masterpiece that’s also exceptionally easy to use. “
Karl Anthonissen, Manager Quality & Compliance at Agfa

Simple and dynamic

To kick off the project, Flexso organized a design thinking workshop at Agfa. Together, the partners brainstormed about what the tool should look like. They considered legal obligations, technical possibilities and budgetary constraints and created a number of mockups. After presenting those to the internal GDPR taskforce, the best mockups were further developed. Next, a team of Flexso developers got started on the app.

The application provides an overview of existing records - files with all sorts of information about a specific data-processing activity - and the possibility of adding new ones. To simplify and streamline the input process, the system contains several forms for the employee to fill out. These forms contain all the elements that are necessary to make the new record GDPR-compliant, such as the purpose of the data collection, a list of people with have access to the data, and the ways in which the data is protected. App administrators can adjust the questions on the forms at any time.

"The Flexso consultants built the solution in Fiori - the standard user interface within SAP," Karl says. "This makes using the app very intuitive on a desktop, smartphone or tablet. You can search, filter and sort results, and easily export lists to Excel or PDF. It’s a technical masterpiece that’s also exceptionally easy to use. "

Partner from a to z

Karl: "The app allows us to create and maintain our GDPR register in a dynamic and user-friendly way. Employees from all Agfa departments efficiently work together to support transparent data management. After all, the solution can be accessed from anywhere via the SAP Cloud Platform. And although the GDPR primarily focuses on Europe, we aim to roll out our solution in our offices all over the world. "

"Flexso was there for us throughout the whole project. Brainstorming, developing, testing, adapting, re-testing ... We could count on them from beginning to end. Minor problems were solved in no time, and timing and budget remained under control. A follow-up project is about to start, aimed at keeping our database up-to-date even more efficiently. "

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