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Flexso is growing. Since 2004. And we are not stopping.

The right onboarding of new employees is crucial. It immediately sets the tone for their further progress at Flexso. That's why we want to give newcomers a warm welcome so that they feel supported from day one. This way, we also stimulate their personal growth.

For a continuously innovating knowledge company like Flexso, training and knowledge sharing are essential to prepare our 'community' for all the challenges of this digital and rapidly evolving world in which we now live. Tomorrow is today.

"Flexso feels like a kind of community, a close-knit family with a common passion and goal"

That's why we developed the Flexso Academy training program in which we prepare starters for their first project as an SAP consultant. During four weeks (in September) a team of highly motivated and experienced colleagues joined forces to train our 'young guard' to become junior SAP consultants. All ready to start their first adventure! 

"Everyone who contributed to the course did their very best to introduce us to the wonderful world of SAP and Flexso. I learned a lot of new things, but I was also given the opportunity to refresh existing knowledge. The academy gave me a clearer picture where I want to go as SAP consultant. I would like to thank everyone for the incredibly nice startup at Flexso"
David Vink, SAP Consultant

What's on the program?

The start-ups will get an introduction to the various SAP solutions and technologies. After this introduction, we will give a broader overview of the SAP offering, both on-premise and in the cloud.

The academy offers them a good understanding of the business processes (purchasing, sales, logistics, finance, ...), which is complemented by a BPMN course. In addition, they also enjoy a communication training, in which they work on their presentation and demo skills. They get acquainted with how we at Flexso approach SAP projects. And last but not least: A good dose of fun and teambuildings will not be missed. #workhardplayhard

"This entry process provides a perfect insight into the interesting world of SAP and how wide one can go in it. Through a deep dive the starters get the chance to taste different modules and domains. The perfect basis as a start to build on. With this training we make everyone an expert. " says Mario, Competence Lead at Flexso.

What are the advantages of our Academy?

  • You're up to speed faster with the necessary knowledge as a perfect basis.
  • Smooth integration in the team through good contact with other starters and experienced consultants.
  • Better insight into your interests and how you look to the future.
  • You get to know the roadmap of SAP and Flexso. Where do we all go together?
  • Grateful and extra motivated employees.

Do I have to be recently graduated?

Absolutely not. The Flexso Academy is also open to experienced newcomers and other Flexso colleagues who want to enrich their knowledge. We look at topics that are also interesting for them, such as how to write a specification, how best to approach a project with SAP and what does a fit-to-standard workshop entail.

Work hard, play hard

Life doesn't always have to be serious, and we at Flexso totally agree with that. That's why we plan moments full of fun during this intensive training. Together with the participants and everyone involved in this training, we organized an exciting escape room with cocktails and delicious burgers at the end. Ideal to fully recharge your batteries after all these efforts and to get to know each other even better.

"What a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere at Flexso! I really have the feeling that I can ask questions to everyone. The lessons are an ideal combination between theory and hands-on exercises, given by experienced colleagues with concrete and inspiring examples from the field. This ensures that you understand SAP a lot faster. I can't wait to start real projects!"
Katrijn Fransen, SAP Consultant

Learning never stops

Feeling good and 'part of the team' is important during the onboarding, but it will certainly continue throughout your entire Flexso career. That is why knowledge trainings are also part of the growth trajectory. Every consultant can follow such a training course, in consultation with a competence lead who gives personal advice. Thorough SAP training, as well as soft skills training in areas such as communication, change management and presales are among the possibilities to satisfy the hunger for knowledge and skills.

It certainly doesn't stop there. Throughout the year, in addition to their daily job as consultants at our clients, our colleagues are committed to passing on their experience and expertise in the Flexso community during the many evening sessions, seminars and cross-functional deep dive sessions. Knowledge sharing is in our DNA.

Sounds interesting?

Does the Flexso Academy seem like the ideal kick-start to your SAP career? Then be sure to take a look among our vacancies, maybe you'll be joining us soon! 

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