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Flexso once again nominated as Trends Gazelle

  • Lien Desmet
    Lien Desmet

Flexso Wavre has been nominated as a Trends Gazelle for the 4th time, and we couldn’t be prouder! "It's a recognition of our positive impact on the business climate in our respective regions, and even in the whole of Belgium", explains Cédric Castremanne, Managing Director at Flexso Wavre.

What are Trends Gazelles?

For the past 19 years, the editors of business magazine Trends have chosen 255 Trends Gazelles in every Belgian province: fast-growing, competitive companies with positive impacts on the economic landscape. Trends Gazelles excel in job creation and innovation and inspire other companies to do the same.

Flexso Wavre was nominated as Trends Gazelle for the 4th time in 2020. Flexso Kontich was nominated 7 times before. Read the full story.

How does a company become a Trends Gazelle?

Only companies that demonstrate strong growth on multiple levels are nominated as Trends Gazelles.

  • Growth in turnover: the company must be in good financial health.
  • Growth in personnel: at least 20 jobs must have been created since its inception.
  • Growth in added value: both turnover and cash flow must have increased noticeably over the past 5 financial years. The company must also demonstrate sufficient operational independence.

“This Trends Gazelle nomination is an accolade for our hard work.”
Cédric Castremanne, Managing Director at Flexso Wavre

Thank you to all our customers and colleagues who helped us write our success story!

Want to know how we got nominated? Read our story!

Flexso Brussels in top fast growing companies of Brabant Wallon

We are proud to announce that Flexso Brussels is officialy in the top of  fast growing companies of Brabant Wallon. This success is based on turnover figures, as well as growth in staff and cash flow.

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