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Flexso’s full throttle approach leads to 2 awards

Bridgestone and Atlas Copco receive SAP Quality Award

  • Lien Desmet
    Lien Desmet

Let’s give a round of applause to Bridgestone for winning the Bronze Award at the SAP Quality Awards in the ‘Fast Delivery’ category and to Atlas Copco for winning the Gold Award in the ‘Innovation’ category. Also, many thanks to all of our colleagues involved in these projects.

In tandem with their local teams, Flexso dove deep into Bridgestone and Atlas Copco’s business processes, worked hard and emerged proud with two SAP Quality Awards.

  • Bridgestone won the bronze award in the ‘Fast Delivery’ category with our BW-on-HANA and BPC project.
    Discover in our dedicated blog how their reporting performance runs 12 times faster with BW on HANA.
  • Atlas Copco won the gold award in the ‘Innovation’ category with the implementation of SAP Sales Cloud.
    Some highlights of the project:
    - A global & integrated CRM solution focusing on improving and standardizing Atlas Copco Sales processes worldwide.
    - A standardized approach to the roll-out to achieve a consistent way of working, based on best practices and lessons learned.
    - A Flexso team assisted the Compressor Technique division with 29 rollouts, starting in 2016 and targetting 5000 users in 100+ countries.
    Interested to know more about our other SAP Sales Cloud projects? Have a look at the project at Ontex.

More about the SAP Quality Awards

The prestigious SAP Quality Awards celebrate and recognize customers who have excelled in the implementation of their SAP software solutions by using SAP's ten quality principles to:

  • Effectively plan, execute and manage their implementations.
  • Achieve fast, low-cost implementations – and meet today’s demand for rapid time to value.
  • Simplify business processes and deliver significant business benefits to their organization.

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