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User-friendly solution for business planning and consolidation

Integrated tool with improved match between IT and business

  • Marc Auwers
    Marc Auwers

“This new planning tool allows us to monitor daily bank movements more efficiently. All existing schedules and forecasts are integrated into one system. Now that all the important information is pooled together, the financial management is much easier and clearer.”

Brussels’ Regional Public Service (BRPS) is expected to deliver top-quality services to the citizens and enterprises of Brussels in various social domains, including mobility, employment, housing and financial management. The Treasury department was looking for an integrated and user-friendly solution that would provide it with a better understanding of the budget. The SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) planning tool was exactly what they were looking for. 

Clear and user-friendly

As a public service active in various areas, BRPS chose a user-friendly solution which allows it to closely monitor all budgets, taking into account both realised and planned expenditure and revenues. The tool also provides an overview of the cash position with banks for both the past and future. In addition, any cash position can be explained by showing the underlying movements.

Integrated and perfectly matched

The existing data from SAP ERP is the starting point for the forecasts. With the help of a network of treasury correspondents in the various boards of BRPS, the forecasts are further refined and updated in SAP BPC.

The treasury correspondents are able to input their annual outlook and four-week forecasts in BPC using a web application and business process flows. The data loaded from SAP also makes it into the BPC planning tool.

It is also possible to match the data from SAP with manually entered outlooks in order to avoid double forecasts. All the data can subsequently be managed in SAP BPC in function of the additional information held by the treasury correspondents.

How does BRPS evaluate this project?

“The project was started by a different supplier and Flexso took over from them. After a thorough analysis, they redesigned everything and ultimately produced a tool that perfectly matches our expectations in terms of both usability and performance. Flexso’s carefully thought-out and innovative approach was exactly what we needed.”
Carole De Groef, Head of Treasury department at BRPS

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Technical background

  • BW set-up of SAP Funds Management, relevant FI postings and bank balances
  • User-friendly tool in BPC with automatic loading from BW, loading from Excel files and manual input
  • Integration between SAP FI and SAP BPC 

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