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Hack the future 2019

  • Eva Bouton
    Eva Bouton


On November 28 the 5th Edition of Hack the Future took place in Fort V in Edegem. Ten companies of the Cronos Group challenged future IT experts (that is to say, final-year IT students from several colleges and universities) to create a piece of software or hardware in diverse disciplines. Flexso designed a challenge for the students using SAP technologies. More than 400 students took up the challenge to pull off a perfect heist by the end of the day.

The Heist?

‘A carefully selected group of creatives and hackers will devise their master plan – a global redistribution of wealth, taken from the corrupt governments and corporations of the world and given back to the people… but nothing worth doing is easy. We must hack, design, prototype and plan our way to the perfect robbery, and get out before getting caught. When the governments fail, the rebels must lead.’

This year’s theme for the hackathon was ‘The Heist’. The students were challenged to hack corrupt companies, take over the lead and redistribute the wealth. The Heist took place in Fort V in Edegem, a perfect location for their secret rebel mission. The students were invited to a day full of hacking, having fun and enjoying delicious foods and drinks, all in an amazing setting.

The SAP challenge

Flexso designed a challenge for which the students had to steal money from the 10 biggest (fictional, of course!) companies in the world. Each of the groups were responsible for stealing money from one of these companies and redistributing the money in a creative way. In order to break into these vaults, they first had to complete a few steps to collect all the information for their robbery.


At the start of the heist, each group received a secret file with the name of a company a QR-code that contained the password and location of the vault. The passwords were only valid for 24 hours and expired at 16h00, the deadline for the heist. The students had to start by monitoring their company’s vault in the IoT cockpit by setting up the movement sensor placed on the vault. Once they were able to monitor the vault, they had to decode the QR-code which gave them a binary sequence that would lead to the vault access-password. After breaking into the safe, the students had to show how they would distribute the money they stole.

The assignment for the students was not only a technical exercise - they also had to present their solution to the jury in a pitch, and convince them of their strategy in no more than 5 minutes.

How did the students experience it?

For many of the participating students, the Hackathon was a first introduction to SAP. In the challenge they learnt that SAP was much more than an ERP system. They discovered that SAP focusses on innovation and offers modern technologies, such as the IoT cockpit they used to monitor the vault. For the coding section they worked in SAP UI5 and developed a web application. In this application they showed the information coming from the IoT cockpit and built a dashboard showing the distribution of the money.

The students were very positive and said the challenge gave them a whole new perspective on SAP.

Who won?

At the end of the day a winner was selected for each challenge and one additional winner for the Entrepreneur Prize, in which one team of each challenge participated.
The winners of the SAP challenge were Jonas Berx and Thijs Vlaeyen, students at UCCL (Leuven), who did not only make a great technical assignment, but also made a pitch in which they explained why they completed the perfect heist.
Not just one of the teams of the SAP challenge won… another team that was part of the SAP challenge, Mohamed Alem and Avi Iczkovits from AP Hogeschool (Antwerp), won the Entrepreneur prize! Their well planned heist blew the jury away, as did their enthusiasm. 

We, the Flexso spies, wouldn’t have been able to make such a successful heist without  the help of all students participating! We would like to thank you for choosing the SAP challenge and spending the day with us in Fort V. We are already looking forward to Hack the Future 2020! 

See you there?

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