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Hack the Future: Fellowship of Code

November 24 | Hackathon

  • Grisja Goossens

This year we welcome you and your teammate for the first online edition of Hack The Future! As a student in your final year, you are at a major crossroads in your life. A brand new professional identity lies ahead, together with many questions considering: What now?

Hack The Future is a unique experience-driven hackathon for last year students, powered by the Cronos Group. Unlike other years, the hackathon will take place online and it will be a 1-day event, focusing on IT students. Ready to join our SAP challenge? 

What to expect at Belgium's most epic Hackathon?

The concept? 14 companies of the Cronos group challenge future IT experts (i.e. last-year IT students from several university colleges and universities) to create a piece of soft- or hardware in diverse disciplines. Every year, more than 400 students take up the challenge to develop an amazing soft- or hardware prototype.

The experts at Flexso dare you to develop a SAP-based solution that will help you achieve your goal. This year's challenge is:

The future looks bleak… Our world is close to destruction and only you, my fellow coders, can save us from ultimate doom. Find your Seer and form a Fellowship.
Your task is simple, but the path you must follow is full of hidden pitfalls and unknown dangers. Fear not however. Using an IOT server on SCP and other API’s, you’ll be challenged to build an exciting game in JS and UI5. The goal is to reach the destination inside the “Palace of Shadows” alive. Will you manage to reach your destination, destroy the one line of code and save the human race? 

Technologies: IoT (Python), Machine Learning, UI5 (JavaScript)

Tools: Python version 3 & SAP Cloud Platform account

Ready to kickstart your career?

Register for the SAP challenge, and take your IT skills to a whole new level! 

When & where?

Due to well-known circumstances we are forced to make our final stand from the comfort of our homes. A secure link will be sent to you after registration. On November 24 we will go live and supply you with a briefing of the day. From here we will have exactly 6 hours to “hack” the enemy to pieces and complete our missions.

For more information about this epic online event, visit the website of Hack The Future.

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