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Hackaton 'Hack The Future'

November 30 | Edegem

  • Lien Desmet
    Lien Desmet

Wintertime is here, the days are shorter, … it’s time for our yearly Hackaton “Hack the Future”. This Hackaton is a must attend event for every last year student! A Hackaton for students in their last year of education.

The concept? 10 companies of the Cronos group challenged future IT experts (i.e. last-year IT students from several university colleges and universities) to create a piece of soft- or hardware in diverse disciplines. Every year, more than 150 students take up the challenge to develop an amazing soft- or hardware prototype.

Of course, a Hackaton is only a Hackaton when there is a major challenge to develop a solution based on SAP. The 2017 challenge is:

"Recently, the Kim Un fraction discovered a huge ghetto with valuable Mexican slaves surrounded by a great, great wall... A great wall like only Trump builds ‘em. Who do you think paid for that wall? Mexico, off course! Newly discovered holes and tunnels created by secret nuclear machines made Trump Jr. invest in state-of-the-art IoT sensors. Your mission: built a killer dashboard dispatching elite troops to kick the Unnies some ass and make America great again, once again! "

Technologies: JavaScript, IoT, Visualization, Cloud Platform, UI5

What can you expect more?

Have a look at the site, registrations are open!

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