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How Mendix enables you to rapidly build apps without coding

  • Thomas Nelissen
    Thomas Nelissen

Developing new applications takes time. Yet, your colleagues on the business side want you to build apps rapidly in order to meet their evolving needs and retain a competitive edge. Moreover, they expect an extraordinary user experience (UX), too. Sound familiar? Explore how to develop apps 10 times faster using fewer (expert) resources – with SAP Cloud Platform Rapid Application Development (RAD) by Mendix.

As businesses begin their journeys into digital transformation, they realize that agility is key to responding to rapidly changing competition. That’s why a growing number of enterprises move to a bimodal IT strategy: they combine a traditional, robust, stable digital core like SAP S/4HANA (Mode 1) with agile IT systems and processes that allow the rapid delivery of differentiating solutions (Mode 2). The Mendix software platform perfectly fits the Mode 2 universe. Now part of the SAP Cloud Platform offering, it will help you to quickly build extension apps for SAP platforms like S/4, SuccessFactors and Ariba – without coding skills. 

Four reasons to embrace Mendix

Mendix is a leading low-code application development platform that lets you create entirely operational applications without writing code. This means that anyone with a basic understanding of business applications can understand and build an app. Your benefits? 

  • Create apps 10x faster – with 70% fewer resources
    Mendix supports visual development and includes a rich app store with hundreds of building blocks for you to choose from when composing apps. This truly boosts the speed of application development: a benchmark study showed that development is up to 10 times faster, with 70% less resources needed compared to traditional development in Java or .NET.
  • Enlarge your pool of app developers (and save money)
    As Mendix is so easy, it allows non-technical developers to build sophisticated business applications. So, the pool of resources to build apps is extended beyond your hard-to-come-by professional developers – and that will help you save money, too!
  • Unleash business and IT collaboration
    Mendix makes it easy to meet the app requirements of your business colleagues, as you can now design – or customize – the app they need in no time. Moreover, as the platform allows developers to focus 100% on app functionality instead of on managing the underlying technology, they are sure to build apps that fully fit enterprise needs.
  • Embrace innovation to gain an edge
    Business agility and innovation are musts to thrive in today’s fast-changing markets. Mendix allows you to experiment with innovative applications without having to invest too much time and effort. You can even deploy SAP Intelligent Technology services such as IoT and Machine Learning in your Mendix apps! In other words: Mendix will fully support your company’s digital innovation strategy. 

“A benchmark study showed that development with Mendix is up to 10 times faster and uses 70% less resources compared to traditional development in Java or .NET”

Model-based, visual application

Mendix is named a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise High-Productivity Application Platform-as-a-Service. Its secret: Mendix enables model-driven and visual development over traditional coding. Here’s how it works:

A database is designed using a graphical data modeler, which allows you to create entities, define attributes and drag and drop relationships between them.

Screens are made with a graphical WYSIWYG editor and business logic is created with a BPM-like microflow editor. The platform generates all the necessary application code for you.

SAP Fiori/SAPUI5 versus Mendix? The right technology for the right job

Fiori and Mendix (RAD) tools are different platforms, each with their own benefits and restrictions. The development of Fiori/ SAPUI5 applications requires quite a bit of manual work and the data and processes must be fully developed in SAP. That’s often challenging for organizations with fewer development resources. But if you want to extend prebuilt apps in SAP or develop apps that leverage just SAP data, Fiori or SAPUI5 are still ideal choices for sure!

As soon as you want to integrate with non-SAP platforms, however, Mendix might be the better option. With Mendix, you can develop the applications faster and easily integrate them. In this way, you’ll reduce cost and time to market – to meet the agile needs of your business.

Curious about how SAP RAD by Mendix can help you design and deploy apps in record time? We are happy to share our experiences and show you a demo. 

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