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  • Lien Desmet
    Lien Desmet

As a student, you usually spend most of your time either sitting in large auditoriums, reading behind a desk surrounded by books, or hanging out at a bar. You'll learn about your subject matter, but it's of course much more interesting to be taught by someone working directly in your field.

At Flexso, we are committed to regularly holding guest lectures. We closely work together with a selection of schools. This allows us to share our expertise, and the students find it interesting to hear how all this theory is eventually put into practice. 

Within the Flexso team, Wouter Lemaire, SAP Developer & Architect Consultant, is the one that regularly holds guest lectures.

Wouter, what would you like to achieve with these guest lectures at schools?
"Mainly, I like to teach students something without it becoming yet another boring, compulsory lesson. I try to make it fascinating and enjoyable by providing students with some insight into the life of an SAP consultant. By presenting a range of practical case studies, my intent is to make things very real for them."

How do you prepare for such a guest lecture?
"Everything starts with a good story that includes as many exciting topics as possible, supported by a compelling presentation. I always make an effort to discuss subjects they might be able to test during their thesis or other assignments. By working with demos, the presentations become less boring. I also make sure to not get into too much detail. The aim is to provide students with some basic knowledge, and not give them a complete crash course in SAP."

It wasn't that long ago that you were a student yourself. Did you attend guest lectures?
"When I was a student, my school was one of the few that offered SAP as an elective. Students weren't that familiar with SAP and there weren't that many guest lectures. There was one, I don't even know by which company, but it was pretty dull and uninteresting. I most certainly would have attended more if more had been offered."

What advice would you give to students who hesitate entering the world of SAP?
"SAP truly offers enormous possibilities. You should of course decide for yourself what specifically you’d like to do. Do you like programming, but not always in the same language? Would you like to work on different kinds of assignments? Or would you rather do less programming? Within SAP, all these options are available to you. As an SAP consultant you can fully dive into being a developer, or you can choose to be a functional analyst."

On December 18 Wouter Lemaire held a guest lecture at the AP College about SAP HANA. Are you interested in organizing a guest lecture? Please just give us a call. 

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