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Difficult processes made simple with SAP Fiori

What are you options for implementing apps in your SAP environment?

  • Mario Aerts

Mobile applications are the future. Composed of a collection of apps, SAP Fiori is the answer as it helps you implement business processes in a user friendly way using out-of-the-box mobile applications. It is a simple way to get your SAP transactions up and running on mobile devices.

What is the advantage of SAP Fiori?

  • Real-time user experience;
  • Fast implementation;
  • Uniformity across different apps;
  • Simple to expand.

Flexso has already installed Fiori apps at many customers. Their enthusiastic feedback has motivated us to increase our specialisation in this application.

Can you expand Fiori apps?

In addition to standard apps, it is easy to self-write Fiori apps, using the underlying Fiori technology (SAPUI5). Even though this can be done in a number of ways, the best is to respect Fiori guidelines. Doing so ensures uniformity across different apps and standardizes the user experience over a variety of solutions.

Online or offline development?

At the start of a project, you should ask yourself whether you want to develop an app online or offline. An offline application increases the complexity, but provides the necessary stability to perform critical tasks in the field.

Many factors come into play when choosing between on and offline. Suppose you are working in a laboratory with critical data and Internet or WIFI is prohibited. Using an offline application allows you to provide the necessary software and functions to download data on a mobile device. If the user enters changes, these changes are synchronized securely when the user comes online.

SAP Afaria is an Enterprise Mobile Management (EEM) / Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution that enables the integration of an offline mobile application in your environment for the installation of hybrid and native applications. This software is also available in the cloud under the name of SAP Mobile Secure.

Can you use Fiori apps offline?

Fiori applications are intrinsically online by nature. SAP Mobile Platform enables you to expand these applications with advanced mobile features such as push notifications and offline capabilities. By using SAP Mobile platform technology, you are therefore able to turn a Fiori web application into a fully-fledged hybrid application which can be integrated with functionalities on your mobile device. This can be done using on-premise technology and in the cloud.

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