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A 'cool' summer internship at Flexso

  • Imane, Tibo & Louis

This summer, instead of travelling or partying like all normal students do, we - Louis, Tibo and Imane - decided to spend our holiday at Flexso. Our assignment is to develop a maturity assessment for respectively Procurement, Finance and Production.

In short, a maturity assessment is an instrument that helps an organization in assessing and determining the degree of maturity of its processes. 

Our experience

After some research and sitting together with our coaches, we tried to identify the key processes of our domain. Then we determined possible maturity levels within these processes.

As we are halfway through, our maturity assessment is taking shape.


General structure
All the processes within Procurement, Finance and Production have some common dimensions and some process specific dimensions that determine their maturity. Based on these dimensions, the students determined 4 maturity levels: basic, intermediate, good and best-in-class. These levels are each represented by statements that will help companies to determine their current level of maturity and to indicate their desired level of maturity. 

Within every key process we have identified some dimensions to score an organization. Here you see the general structure. For each key process we also have identified some specific dimensions.


"It was very interesting to link my theoretical insights with real business cases. I gained new knowledge thanks to my amazing coaches and colleagues."

- Imane Zaghbouji, Business Engineering at University of Ghent

Within production, I identified six key processes: Product Engineering, MRP, Detailed Scheduling, Production Operations, Quality Management and Maintenance Management.

Investing in your future is not only studying. You also have to connect with people and put your theoretical knowledge into practice. I feel like Flexso helped me with this. I got to know people who are open-minded and listen to my propositions. I learned how to communicate autonomously but at the same time also in teams.


"It was a very instructive experience at Flexso. Working together with great colleagues in a pleasant working atmosphere"

- Louis Houttequiet, Science in Business Economics at University of Antwerp

Within procurement, I identified six key processes: Request management, Vendor selection, Contract management, Purchase order management, Goods reception & Invoice management.
During the internship I learned a lot about procurement and all the things that come with it. We got a lot of responsibility and autonomy what gave me at the start a thrilling feeling but it really helped me to grow personally. 

Finance - Tibo

"An internship at Flexso is the quickest way to build up valid experience. I’m meeting nice people and it is fun to be here!"

- Tibo Hendrickx, Science of Business Economics at University of Ghent

Within finance, I identified eight key processes: Financial Planning & Analysis, Purchase Processes, Sales Processes, Corporate Reporting, Management Accounting, Financial Closing, Asset Accounting and the process to work out the General Ledger.

Joining a company as an intern gave me the opportunity to work hands on in a professional environment. As an intern I’m not just there to get coffee or run errands but I’m there to gain actual work experience and this will be tremendously supported by Flexso. I really do like the way of working at Flexso and I’m looking forward to the weeks yet to come!

What is in it for Flexso?

These maturity assessments will help consultants to indicate whether a certain solution or strategy is right for companies based on answers provided within the assessment. It will allow Flexso to give advice to new and existing clients. This can create an opportunity to implement SAP.

What is next?

In the upcoming week(s) we will sit together with consultants to develop a dashboard that will generate an overview of the maturity of the organization, make a presales presentation and a flyer. 

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