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Miko automates orders

Simple and integrated online ordering portal

“Miko customers place their own orders over the online ordering portal. They immediately see which promotions we are running. Integration with existing SAP systems allows them to track everything at both logistical and financial levels.”

Coffee roaster Miko has truly mastered the art of roasting coffee. Even though the company attaches great importance to a pleasant and tight-knit working atmosphere, as a listed group of companies it also invests continually in new partnerships and technologies. 

From manual to automated

Flexso was hired to automate the mainly manual ordering process and integrate it with existing systems.

From the coffee bean to the coffee cup

The result is a modern and efficient online ordering portal where customers can easily enter and track their orders themselves. Prices and promotions are immediately visible and all the data is linked to a customer account, so that everything is organised. By combining Magento technology as the front-end and the e-commerce platform with the SAP system, Miko can fulfils its commitment to customers smoothly, properly and accurately.

What did Miko think of this project?

“From the outset, Flexso had committed to roll out the project successfully and entirely made good on that pledge. Communication was open and transparent throughout the entire process. For them, customer focus and flexibility are not just empty promises: they are true to their word.”
Herman Braeken, IT Manager Miko

Technical background

  • Online ordering portal integrated with SAP via Web Services
  • Integration between Magento and SAP
  • For this project, Flexso worked with PHPro, a sister company of the Cronos group

Integration between e-commerce systems and existing SAP systems produces many benefits.
An SAP integration with Magento is quite frequent, but other e-commerce systems can also be easily integrated. 

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