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Running for charity

July 2020 - Postponed to July 2021

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Unfortunately, the Montafon Marathon 2020 has been cancelled due to Corona. But our runners will continue to train to take on this challenge next year!

As if joining a marathon wasn't crazy enough, why not stepping it up a bit and participate to one in the mountains of Austria? That is what a few of us thought when we decided to register for the Montafon Marathon. Some colleagues have run a marathon in the past, or are engaged in sports in their spare time, and were totally inspired by the idea of taking on this challenge together. 21 colleagues are joining on this marathon. Some of them are more experienced than others, but all have on goal set in mind: to overcome this mental ordeal.

The marathon of Montafon

The Montafon marathon is a breathtaking marathon with 1500 altimeters. The runners run through the most beautiful parts of the Alps, crossing the federal state border between Tyrol and Vorarlberg, which is also the highest point of this spectacular route.

For the sportive but less experienced runners, there is also a choice for the 15 and 33 km.

Why are we joining this challenge?

Running for charity

This challenge becomes easier with the charities in mind. We have chosen to go for two organizations, and the sponsored amount will be split 50-50. 

Children of Lima, an organisation that raises funds and sets up sustainable projects to provide children and their families from Lima's poorest slums with all primary needs, such as water, safety and development opportunities.

MS Liga is an organisation dedicated to MS patients and offers the opportunity to find the right help, both for the patient and for those closest to him or herself.


There are several ways possible to sponsor us. Private sponsors are individuals who can sponsor one or a multipe runner for a maximum amount of €25. 

In addition, we want to appeal to the customers of Flexso. For them we can offer a fixed package, where we include the company in all our communications off- and online. 

Last but not least

We realise that we are facing a unique but not to be underestimated experience with this challenge. We are very grateful that Flexso is giving us the opportunity to push our boundaries, both on the workfloor and far beyond.

Are you just as excited as us and would you like to support the two charities through our runners? All contribution is welcome! Let us know. 


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