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Ontex strengthens international position

Optimal deployment and use of talent with SuccessFactors

  • Werner Smeets
    Werner Smeets

“The SuccessFactors HR application now allows us to support all of our employees around the world in their development, and identify and deploy optimally all the talent in Ontex.”

Ontex is an international manufacturer of personal hygiene products. Headquartered in Aalst (Belgium), the company employs over 7,000 people worldwide. The HR teams were also working from different locations and were mainly concerned with administration. Since talent management was mainly left to these local teams, the overall potential was not known and could not be harnessed. 

Global HR strategy

Considering that Ontex wanted to strengthen its position internationally, a global HR strategy was necessary. What were the key criteria for Ontex in this respect?

  • An integrated solution for talent management, cost & benefits, reporting and analysis;
  • The ability to gradually introduce an international process;
  • A user-friendly application available in several languages

Better insight leads to motivation

Thanks to SuccessFactors, Ontex now has an international HR database filled with accurate personnel and business data, a clear organisational chart, and correct job titles.

The evaluation process has been simplified and the “Ask for Feedback” feature allows the HR team and staff to exchange feedback. The coaching can then be based on that feedback.

Employees know clearly what their goals and career prospects are and how they can develop further. High potentials and future executives are identified more rapidly.

User-friendly dashboards facilitate and simplify reporting and analysis operations. 

What did Ontex think of this project?

“Thanks to the project that Flexso developed and completed for us, we have achieved our goals. We now focus fully on a pay-for-performance culture and we are able to spot and leverage the talents of our employees across the world. This benefits both the company and the employees.”
Astrid De Lathauwer HR Director at Ontex Group

Technical background

  • SAP ERP HCM Organisational Management and Personnel Administration (staff data, corporate structure, management, etc.)
  • SuccessFactors Platform with Goals & Performance
  • SuccessFactors Compensation & Variable Pay
  • Goals & Performance Management System
  • SuccessFactors Succession & Development
  • Integration with existing systems (interfaces, SSO, etc.)

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