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Flexso and Qualtrics boost employee and customer experience

A new partnership bridges the gap between people and business

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In June 2020, Flexso has teamed up with leading experience data company Qualtrics to provide even better solutions to our customers. By partnering with this 2020 Leader in Experience Management, we close the gap between people and business. 

Qualtrics: facts & figures
• 2 million users worldwide
• active in over 100 countries
• Trusted by 11,000 brands
• 20 offices on 5 continents

Leveraging extensive know-how and reliable data

Together, Flexso and Qualtrics enable organisations to combine experience data (X-data) and operational data (O-data) to drive the human experience. This enables businesses to listen to the needs of their employees and customers and take action accordingly.

With this partnership, we offer your organisation first-class support throughout this entire journey. By leveraging the extensive know-how and expertise of all our SAP experts and combining it with the strong capabilities of Qualtrics, we ensure the very best results for both your customers and your employees


Why choose Flexso?

With a team of over 320 SAP consultants, we work for more than 140 active customers on projects in over 40 countries. The key to our success? Our tried and tested approach based on four strong pillars:

  1. Expertise and know-how: we continuously invest in training and knowledge sharing for our consultants.
  2. Investing in innovation: we develop and apply the latest developments to make sure our customers get up-to-date solutions tailored to their needs.
  3. Open and transparent: we believe in an open, honest and straightforward way of working, in which communication is key.
  4. A reliable partner: customers from the early beginning are our biggest accounts. We strive to be a trusted partner for everyone: established and new customers, employees and business partners.

“The partnership with Qualtrics enables us to close the gap between people and business. By putting people at the heart of the company, we manage to drive business and engagement. Qualtrics provides the tools for this digital and human transformation.”

Raf Alexander, Managing Director Flexso

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About Qualtrics
Qualtrics is the leading experience data (X-data) company and owned by SAP, market leader in operational data (O-data). With more than 20 offices on 5 continents, Qualtrics builds transparent technology that closes experience gaps. Their default is to share, leading to open debate, trust, and decisions based on verified data.

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