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Taking research management administration to the next level - University of Ghent

July 2 | Webinar

  • Flexso

Researchers and university departments are often involved in numerous research projects. As an institution of higher education and research, the University of Ghent deals with large volumes of administrative documentation, handles complicated financial information and manages many other kinds of data related to educational and research projects. Keeping up can prove a challenge: it involves approval requests, reporting tasks, budgetary changes, changing sponsor demands, employee expectations and more.

By going digital, University of Ghent is now better equipped than ever to handle this. Want to learn how you can transform your approach to research management? Join the webinar organised by Flexso and SAP on 2 July 2020 at 15:00h CET to find out.

Did you miss the event or are you just curious to learn more about the research management processes at Ugent? Discover the story of University of Ghent or contact us to automate your research administration processes.

Join the webinar to

  • learn how to stay on top of your research projects, from both a centralised and a decentralised perspective
  • see the power of transforming both your research organisation as well as your research administration flows by introducing front and back officers in both the faculties as well as your central services departments
  • discover how to align financial, administrative and project information from multiple sources in a centralised way and embed flexibility and funding-based diversity in your research administration flows

For who?

Research administration officers and business and IT enterprise architects working at higher education and research institutes.

About the speakers

Sara Taeymans, ICT Project Management at University of Ghent
Ann Koolen, technical consultant at Flexso Digital
Zjef Mallaerts, partner at Flexso Digital
Rob Jonkers, global senior director of SAP Higher Education & Research

Image copyright  © UGent, foto Jonas Vandecasteele en Yentl Vandendriessche

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