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How to optimize your research administration with machine learning

September 22 | Webinar

  • Flexso

As a researcher, you often have to balance multiple projects – each with its own administration burden. Keeping up with the workload is no easy task. Fortunately, there’s a solution: through intelligent technologies, universities and research institutes can optimize their research management processes. As a result, academics can once again focus on their core activities: conducting research.

Join our webinar on 22 September at 15:00 CET to find out how to transform your research management. Broaden your vision and discover numerous innovation opportunities for all steps within the research management cycle including pre-award, post-award, execution and closing phase.

One example: our Research Funding Matching Application facilitates research administration business flows. Discover its intuitive, real-time ‘research calls – skills-matching dashboard’ and learn how it revolutionises the entire research management cycle, from pre-award phase to closing phase.

Join the webinar to

  • learn how to stay on top of your research projects, from both a centralised and a decentralised perspective;
  • experience the impact of introducing intelligent technologies to your research administration flows;
  • see how easy it is to embed machine learning into your SAP landscape;
  • discover how to centralise financial, administrative and project information from multiple sources and embed flexibility and funding-based diversity into your research administration flows.

For who?

Research administration officers and business and IT enterprise architects working at higher education and research institutes.

About the speakers

Zjef Mallaerts, partner at Flexso Digital
David Pierre, partner at Flexso Digital
Rob Jonkers, global senior director of SAP Higher Education & Research

Want to know how machine learning can help you manage your university’s research administration cycle? Join our 45-minute webinar on 22 September and learn how to transition in a step-by-step approach.

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