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Take the fastest, smoothest path to CX excellence possible

  • Koen Peters & Krystyna Cichon

Clarify your customer journey, target the right audience, measure and analyse your marketing efforts, and automate your sales and service efforts! With the SAP-qualified Flexso CX Accelerator Packages, your business reaps all the benefits of a major sales & marketing solution without any of the downsides of implementation. Eager to deliver the ultimate customer experience (CX)?

Reap the rewards of an integrated sales & marketing solution

A great sales & marketing tool isn’t just a nice-to-have. It’s an invaluable way to offer great experiences to the right audience, measure and analyse the impacts of your marketing efforts and ensure long-term profitability. When it comes to kickstarting your customer experience approach, SAP CX Sales & Marketing is a powerful solution with four key benefits:

  • Your sales and marketing processes are aligned through automation and a central 360-degree customer view.
  • You can offer consistent mobile experiences across devices.
  • You can create tailored experiences for customers based on their needs and behaviours.
  • Your sales & marketing team collaborates even more effectively, thanks to a centralised master source of customer data.

It doesn’t just deliver significantly better customer experiences. It also enhances your team’s productivity, boosts average deal value and cuts the time it takes to generate forecasts and intuitive reports.

Fast, risk-free, SAP-qualified configuration track

It’s true that implementing a new SAP module comes with some technical challenges and requires an investment of time and money… But with our SAP-qualified packaged solution, we enable your business to keep these challenges to the absolute minimum through an accelerated, out-of-the-box configuration process shaped around your needs.

In working with Flexso, your business gets:

  • fast time to value;
  • an end-to-end implementation based on best practices and a tailored methodology;
  • a proven approach applied by our SAP-qualified CX team;
  • minimal risk, with fixed implementation times and prices given up front.

Want to get a full overview of the SAP CX suite?

We set-up a a full dedicated video on-demand session to give you all insights and explanation on the SAP CX suite and our Sales & Marketing Accelerator.

Two possible journeys, zero surprises

How it works in 6 steps:

  1. During the intake alignment, we get to know more about your company and service management needs.
  2. We conduct several workshops with your team to analyse your current situation and define the final requirements in the form of a requirements traceability matrix (RTM).
  3. You get a full demonstration of the functionalities of SAP CX Sales & Marketing.
  4. Our team builds a proof-of-concept version of CX Sales & Marketing adapted to your needs.
  5. We perform a rapid implementation of the solution with standard configuration.
  6. The full, detailed implementation is completed.

You can choose between the standard Accelerator option, which lasts 8 weeks from intake to implementation. The expanded Accelerator + option last 16 weeks from intake to full implementation and includes a number of extra features.

Find out more about our SAP CX Sales & Marketing packaged solution and prepare to give your CX transformation a jetpack!
Get in touch and ask for a free assessment.

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