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SAP Customer Experience release 2011: what to expect

  • Thomas Van Looy & Jef Op de Beeck

2020: the year that many of us can’t wait to forget. However, the newest release of SAP Customer Experience is a ray of light during the end-of-year holiday season. On the weekend of November 14, SAP made a host of new features available – for the last time this year. In this blog post, we highlight the most essential ones just for you. You can find the complete overview at 

SAP Sales Cloud

Introducing Sales Acceleration features for C4C
You can now boost the effectiveness of your sales team, thanks to the feature offered by Sales Acceleration. Create, use and maintain call lists based on contacts, prospects and leads, and track outcomes and measure success – all directly within C4C. You can get all information across all call lists at a glance by accessing quick view.

Duplicate check for Opportunities
And the function we’ve been waiting for: it’s now possible to activate the duplicate check (which is possible for Prospects) for Opportunities. This provides the end user with information of the same or a very similar Opportunity that already exists. 

Smartphone-enabled graphical signature for Sales Orders
It is now possible to sign Sales Orders easily via the smartphone application. You can make the graphical signature in full screen, enabling the landscape mode.

End of support for IE browsers
Last, but not less important: Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported by the 2011 release production upgrade. This choice was made due to the several stability and performance issues IE has had in the past. But don’t worry: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and other popular browsers are still supported. 

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SAP Marketing Cloud

A brand-new user interface
It is now possible to adjust the existing Fiori interface. You can change the SAP logo into your own, modify the tile grouping on the homepage and change the layout. This is very convenient mainly for marketeers, managers and administrators: they can now customise their homepages to only show the applications that are useful for them. Increase your daily efficiency by choosing your personal background and layout via the SAP Cloud Platform tenant.

Lead and account-based marketing
In today's B2B reality, it's crucial to offer your audience the right content. A contact can take on different roles in multiple organisations or accounts. A freelancer can take on a buyer role in one company and a managerial role in another. The marketing department now has the possibility to send out activities based on the role of its contacts within the organisation. In the screenshot below, tasks are created in Cloud for Customer for all buyers within the target group.

In the case that e-mails are sent instead of tasks, it is also possible to make a device-dependent campaign analysis. Which devices score better than others? Where is the CTR the highest? Easily discover the answers.

Mendix extensibility
Mendix is everywhere, and now it can be found on SAP Marketing Cloud. Faster development processes, fewer resources needed, more extensive possibilities and greater simplicity: the benefits of low-coding are already familiar to IT personnel.
Low code also increases the possibilities for marketers. Think, for example, of a Mendix application that allows event registrations through an app to automatically convert into contacts and contact interactions in SAP Marketing Cloud.

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