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How Erik is giving his sales time to sell

  • Marjolein Callant
    Marjolein Callant

In this series about SAP Customer Experience, we look at the solution from the perspective of four key users. This blog is dedicated to sales.

Salespeople like to be on the road to close deals. However, several recent studies point to the fact that 2/3 of sales time goes not to sales activities, but to administration, travelling, handling complaints, supply back orders and collecting unpaid invoices. Can a solution like SAP Customer Experience improve sales performance? Meet Erik, a sales manager who is considering improving the efficiency of his sales team. What are his concerns?

Know the details before you knock on the door

Sales are not in love with their screen and often dislike putting data into the CRM application. Instead, they want to meet people and close deals. SAP Customer Experience takes a different approach. The Sales Cloud solution is an application built around the user experience of a sales personas. As a user, you get in one view tasks, opportunities, KPI’s and forecasts. The application is fully mobile, enabling the sales reps of Erik to check turnover details, order history or any other customer reports, even a few seconds before they knock on the door of their customer. 

Coach and guide your sales team effectively

SAP Customer Experience is a huge step forward for Erik. Traditional CRM applications don’t have real-time lead management. Imagine that your sales are guided by real-time lead scoring and centralized account and opportunity management. On top, Erik can really drill down on every lead and coach his sales reps to close deals.

All the solutions of SAP Customer Experience use the same set of data, resulting in a consolidated and central view of all your accounts. It allows your sales team to work together with other teams in the company like marketing or aftersales to have a 360° view of each contact. SAP Customer Experience gives Erik and his sales an extensive visibility on the pipeline, enabling more accurate forecasting. 

The four personalities of customer centricity

If you want like Erik and Puratos bring your sales operations to a new level, we will be glad to share our experiences with you. I’m writing a series of articles about current CX challenges for the different departments. You may also want to discover:

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