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Solve or prevent complaints?

What can SAP Customer Experience portfolio do for your operations

  • Marjolein Callant
    Marjolein Callant

In this series about SAP Customer Experience, we look at the solution from the perspective of four key users. This blog is dedicated to customer service.

Imagine that you are Koen, the new head of customer care of a repair company. He has a great team of customer care agents at the office and a team of service technicians on the road. The service department is the point of contact for customer questions, wishes and complaints. When Koen takes over operations, he notices that the complaint handling is not running smoothly. Customer care agents are bombarded with all kinds of requests. During the day, this quickly becomes a mess as several requests come in by several channels. Phones are ringing, the e-mails continue to pour in and there is a constant need to reroute questions and to check with those in charge what to do about specific complaints. Is SAP Service Cloud a solution for Koen to streamline processes and work more efficiently? Let us define Koen’s four main challenges:

1° Streamlining the complaint process

Koen has to tackle several pain points along the complaint handling flow. SAP Service Cloud allows him to capture all requests through several channels into one 360° view on the customer. That is especially important in B2B services, as several persons of the same company may introduce complaints about the same problem. To solve this, customer care agents need a holistic view on a company level.

2° Does your customer care agent have all the necessary data?

Are your customer care agents phoning daily to the financial department to ask about the latest invoicing status of accounts? Desk agents need a lot of detailed and specific info to solve complaints. What is the customer complaint history, is he a loyal customer and does he represent a lot of turnover? And not only that, Koen’s agents need all details about the job or product related to the service ticket. With SAP Service Cloud, there is a native link with SAP S/4HAHA, enabling the solution to collect all data from other departments in real-time. It will save your team hours of phoning and enable them to react swiftly to customers.

3° Improving the first-time fix rate

The SAP Customer Experience Portfolio also contains the SAP Field Service Management solution that captures all the data related to field technicians. Working together with technicians and field engineers, exchanging info and making sure that their visits are well planned and well prepared, will improve dramatically your first-time fix rate. And that means… less complaints and more time to service your customers. 

The four personalities of customer centricity

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