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SAP Lumira, an innovative platform to create and visualize analyses in no time

Analyse data your own way

  • Koen Van Dijck

What is the added value of SAP Lumira?

Data is invaluable. But how do you quickly translate data into insights? And how do you communicate those insights with colleagues and customers? SAP Lumira is one of the most flexible tools for data visualization and one of the easiest interactive self-service BI tools currently available on the market. 

Enterprise Self-Service

SAP Lumira is seamlessly integrated with your existing backend systems. That way you can effortlessly import the most diverse data from your backbone, and subsequently combine, analyse and visualize that data easily. A graph, an infographic, a dashboard: you choose how you want to present your data. You want to enrich the business data with your own data, make your own calculations, erase data and compile data in easy – and attractive – interactive storyboards? SAP Lumira is so intuitive that you can do it all easily and independently, without the help of IT.

Examples of dashboards:

SAP Lumira enables you to easily share knowledge with colleagues and customers

In SAP Lumira, you can share all visualizations (reports, dashboards, etc.) with colleagues and customers over the Lumira Server. There are two ways to do this:

  • An integration with the SAP BI platform
  • A standalone Lumira Server for (smaller) teams

You can also save data visualizations in PDF format to exchange them with colleagues and/or customers. 

Mobile reporting

You prefer the mobile option? You can also use the SAP Mobile App to view all visualizations on mobile devices.


SAP Lumira can be linked to both SAP and non-SAP systems. No need to be an SAP HANA user to start working with SAP Lumira.

High frequency of new releases

Every quarter, SAP releases a new version of Lumira with more and improved capabilities. For instance, in the latest release (early 2016), the link to SAP and non-SAP systems was further optimized and SAP added several useful features to work even faster.

The Flexso BI team often runs training sessions and interactive workshops on Lumira. Interested? Feel free to contact us. We will keep you informed of the upcoming training. 

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