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SAP S/4HANA bridges continents for multinational firm Drylock Technologies

Global ERP implementation interlinks and unifies all sites and processes

  • Simon Dereeper
    Simon Dereeper

Drylock Technologies develops and produces innovative hygiene products that boost comfort and well-being in three domains: baby, feminine and adult care. As a young company, grown rapidly through greenfield start-ups and multiple acquisitions internationally, Drylock Technologies was looking for a solution to unify its multiple ERP systems into a global platform. Flexso collaborated closely with Drylock Technologies to implement SAP S/4HANA, enabling enterprise-wide process integration that supports international business growth.

A flexible ERP solution that unites without restricting

“Because of Drylock’s ambitious growth strategy, we wanted a solution that would balance standardisation with flexibility,” explains Patrick Pittoors, group ERP director at Drylock. “The idea was to evolve from a scattered ERP landscape into a common platform as single source of truth. We wanted to speak the same language in terms of processes, data model, outputs, documentation – relevant to all of our core activities.”

The key objectives for this project include:

- standardising and harmonising core processes group wide;
- defining and introducing a flexible, future-proof data model for operational and management reporting;
- implementing an auditable environment supporting product traceability and complex legal requirements;
- setting up an intuitive input and analysis tool.

After a pre-study launched to identify the different business needs of each different location around the world, Drylock launched a selection round for both ERP solution and partner, eventually choosing SAP S/4HANA and Flexso.
“We chose Flexso because, in addition to their strong technical competences, there was also a strong cultural fit with Drylock,” Patrick continues. “We’re both young organisations, and, like us, Flexso has short lines of communication for decision taking and the flexibility to cope with the dynamics of this challenging program.”

Easy-to-use interface, tried-and-tested SAP power

Following the requirement-gathering and analysis phase, Flexso started designing a SAP S/4HANA template that brought all the different Drylock Technologies locations together to enable company-wide reporting, compliant with local statutory rules and regulations.

Within this template, we implemented a number of different modules: SAP Sales and Distribution (SD), Transportation (LE-TRA), Materials Management (MM), Production Planning (PP), Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), Financial Accounting and Controlling (FICO) & Vendor Invoice Management (OT-VIM). SAP Fiori combines a simple, user-friendly interface with the power of advanced SAP functionalities.

Introducing supportive tools for even better user adoption

In addition to SAP S/4HANA, Flexso also implemented tools to enhance training and testing processes company wide. SAP Enable Now is a powerful e-learning software training platform that Drylock Technologies uses to keep all its employees up to date on the use of its many different S/4-based operational excellence tools.

“SAP’s BPMN-based Solution Manager visualises in an intuitive way the roles and responsibility workflows, while Test Manager allows our users to execute different scenarios and ensure the system is working properly. Together, the solutions give everybody a better understanding of the integration and dependency across different departments.”
Patrick Pittoors, group ERP director at Drylock Technologies

Results that inform, empower and focus

After the roll-out in two countries, Drylock Technologies was already seeing measurable benefits. Above all, global implementation means a single source of truth for all group information, leading to richer performance insights, better reporting and more efficient collaboration.

“The HANA in-memory database is powerful and can deliver heavy reports in record time,” stresses Günther Heirman, Competence lead at Flexso. “And on top of the operational benefits, Enable Now familiarises users with the system quickly and effectively – with Solution Manager supporting the process through easy-to-understand visual flows. This means quicker adoption and faster business and operational advantages.”

“Processes like month-end closing and consolidation of financial data are accelerating because people are beginning to speak the same language and using the same transactions,” Patrick adds. “We have automated and standardised end-to-end processes according to the Drylock Technologies DNA, while still maintaining flexibility to our different stakeholders. That’s another reason we chose Flexso: their speed and flexibility of execution, their ability to maintain the pace of the project, and the fact that they make a great sparring partner.”

“Thanks to this greenfield implementation, we now have a solid foundation to support our continuing growth path. We expect SAP S/4HANA however to be more than just a supporting tool – it should guide us towards a more optimal way of working in line with our challenging business needs.”
Patrick Pittoors, group ERP director at Drylock Technologies

The business benefits

- A central database for all global enterprise-related data based on SAP S/4HANA.
- Process harmony and efficiency across the global group.
- Automated operational and managerial reporting.
- Streamlined compliance with regulations and requirements on a local level.
- Automation of core processes such as EWM and RF scanning, EDI, invoicing, etc.
- One core language (EN) and uniform layouts for documents, labels, etc.

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