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A digital HR transformation for Beaulieu with SAP Analytics Cloud

Strategic HR with SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Koen Vanderwegen
    Koen Vanderwegen

Many organizations acknowledge the importance of HR analytics in making informed business decisions about their employees, and Beaulieu International Group (B.I.G.) is no exception. With the goal of evolving its HR strategy and approach to accommodate the organization’s size and complexity, Beaulieu teamed up with Flexso to tackle the challenge of strategic reporting, while Flexso For People helped optimize the HR department with SAP SuccessFactors.

SAP Analytics Cloud: a new dimension in HR

To make the transition from transactional to strategic HR, Beaulieu chose to complement SAP SuccessFactors (SFSF) with SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP’s latest strategic reporting solution. Why they choose SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • It combines business intelligence, predictive analytics and planning in one high-performance cloud platform;
  • The tool allows users to strategically plan ahead based on data patterns and identify the best outcome for any type of scenario;
  • It presents real-time data in powerful and relevant visual reports;
  • It is intuitive, easy to use and integrates with pre-existing IT architecture, making it possible to combine SFSF data with relevant input from other tools, such as payroll provider data.

A step-by-step implementation

To enable Beaulieu to start working with its new HR suite as quickly as possible, SAP Analytics Cloud was implemented during wave two of Beaulieu’s HR transformation project after the go-live of SAP SFSF Employee Central.
Because we wanted to ensure an effective implementation and adoption of the solutions, we provided change management support, guiding Beaulieu through every step of the process and assisting the HR department where needed. 

“Besides implementing the modules, Flexso also supports us in the change management process.”
Geert Boone, Group HR Processes & Industrial Relations Manager at Beaulieu International Group

The business benefits of a strategic HR approach

Since the implementation of SAP Analytics Cloud, Beaulieu has boosted its business, thanks to:

  • Strategic business insights that allow for faster and better decision-making based on real-time data, centralized reporting and detailed analytics;
  • Increased efficiency in program strategy and execution;
  • The ability to identify project and/or program failings early on;
  • The elimination of delays due to human factors, such as absence or overcapacity.

The B.I.G. story continues: future steps

Beaulieu has already taken several successful steps towards a strategic HR approach, but the transformation is still ongoing. The next step is a complete review and update of the group’s data policies and models in order to prepare for the SAP SuccessFactors goals and performance management module. By 2020, Beaulieu wants to be ready for the final step: the implementation of the Succession Management, Learning and Recruiting modules – supported by Flexso, of course!

“Since implementing SAP Analytics Cloud, we’ve been able to increase our efficiency and make faster and better decisions.”
Geert Boone, Group HR Processes & Industrial Relations Manager at Beaulieu International Group

Want to know what SAP Analytics Cloud can do for your HR and business approach? Contact our experts for an assessment.

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