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SAP Warehouse Management increases efficiency

Perfectly matched warehouse management and planning

  • David Pierre
    David Pierre

“Now that our warehouse management is more automated, our planning is perfectly matched with it. We also have a real-time overview of our warehouses at all times. This allows us to perfectly meet the expectations of our customers, and even more so, to exceed them.”

ODTH is a well-known logistics company. Sustainable entrepreneurship is part of its DNA. The company’s warehouses and premises are spread over nine locations in Belgium. Driven by its mission to “Do more than the customer expects”, ODTH scores very high in terms of customer satisfaction and grows every year.

To stand still is to go backwards

ODTH is continuously optimizing and fine-tuning its processes. The optimization of warehouse management was necessary in order to improve the productivity, efficiency and quality of its service. SAP Warehouse Management seemed to be the right solution to meet ODTH’s requirements with regard to efficiency, productivity, quality, sustainability, security and flexibility.

Optimization and knowledge sharing

Flexso helped ODTH optimize its warehouse management system and even shared all the know-how to ensure ODTH would be able to run it independently today. Depending on the future needs, Flexso will develop further modifications and provide additional support.

What did ODTH think of this project?

“As a growing company, we have to constantly adapt and improve our processes in order to keep providing our customers with the best possible service. Thanks to Flexso, we are exactly where we want to be: at the cutting edge of logistics”
Bart Weymans, Project Manager at ODTH

Technical background

  • SAP WM
  • SD
  • MM

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