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Serve and protect with SAP

Data is the new gold. And like any other valuable resource, it deserves to be treated with respect.

“Is it possible to give external consultants access to my Development and Acceptance systems but scramble confidential data?”

Data is at the core of SAP. You need easy access for swift, accurate testing, training and support. But it shouldn’t be visible to anyone not entitled to work with it. And even so, respect should be a top priority.

Data Secure will help you safeguard sensitive information, and comply with most privacy legislations out there. It is a product in the Data Sync Manager suite that masks SAP data to deal with sensitive information. Most existing data-masking solution use “in place” masking, which means that the data is masked only after it has been copied to a target system. Data Secure, on the other hand, takes security to a new level.

Source-side masking

The data is masked before it ever leaves the source system. The acceptance environment can be refreshed with production data without sensitive data being transmitted or at rest outside the network. This also means that the original sensitive data is never duplicated, so there is less chance of it falling in the wrong hands. 

Real-time data protection

Administrators can define the masking rules and conditional behavior in one location, and apply them across the entire SAP landscape. The result is real-time data protection – the system protects itself. 

Across systems

Many companies have integrated SAP landscapes where data is distributed across ERP, CRM, SRM, and other environments. Any modification on one system needs to be consistently carried across to the other systems. Data Secure introduces a new technology, which anonymizes integrated data objects on different systems with the same values. Thus all references remain intact after scrambling.

Highly flexible

Thanks to a library of masking options, most of your needs are covered. But you can extend these options even further. Any logical combination of masking behaviors can be applied to your data objects. This means that you can mix and match to produce just the right combination for your specific situation. 

One more thing…

The Firefox web browser: 8 million lines of code. Microsoft Office: 44 million lines. An SAP business application contains almost 400 million lines of code. Hackers and security personnel would call this a huge ‘Attack Surface’. With Data Secure, this is drastically reduced with no negative effect on the end users of the system.

Let Flexso and EPI-USE Labs be your guide as you navigate this complex and massively important area respectfully, safely within the scope of GDPR.

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