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Discover the Smart Material Wizard

Just take a picture and find the material in SAP!

  • David Pierre
    David Pierre

What if you could visually recognize all your assets by simply taking a picture? Enter the Flexso Smart Material Wizard application. It’s like your eyes, but smarter and connected to SAP. Just take a picture and upload it!

What is the Flexso Smart Material Wizard?

The Flexso Smart Material Wizard recognizes materials, assets, or equipment based on a picture. This tool combines visual Artificial Intelligence algorithms with the SAP solutions you already use today into an easy-to-use smartphone application.
Flexso pre-trains the app tailored to your company so that it recognizes your materials in your processes.

For who? The material wizard can be used by:

  • Production & warehouse operators to identify and look up materials, stock, …
  • Service technicians: identify materials, assets and order spare parts.

How does the Material Wizard work?

The Smart Material Wizard is simple and ready to use, easy to administrate and to train. It offers you 3 basic features:

  • The Material Wizard app: allows operators and technicians to recognize materials simply by taking a picture, including a feedback loop to the system
  • The Self-service Training cockpit: allows key users to train the material wizard in a self-service way on your company’s specific materials
  • The IT admin cockpit allows you to manage the solution, start and stop the material wizard, …

The Smart Material Wizard is fully powered by SAP Intelligent Technologies Machine Learning Foundation.

 Want to learn all about the capabilities? Download our product sheet for a full description.

All-in-one package at a fixed price

More than a static app, the Flexso Smart Material Wizard offers you a personalized experience and:

  • Increases the speed and accuracy of warehouse processes.
  • Offers you the choice of deployment: on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Integrates seamlessly with any SAP solutions.

The Smart Material Wizard is a user-friendly and mobile app that helps you to:

  • Increases the speed and accuracy of material handling
  • Reduce data quality issues
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing SAP environment

Want to know more? Check out our dedicated product flyer or get in touch.

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