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Flexso trains more than 250 job seekers to start a career as an SAP Consultant

Organizing the professional SAP Consultant training

  • Grisja Goossens

Ever since 2004 VDAB and Cevora, in cooperation with Flexso, have been organizing the professional SAP Consultant training. This long history has provided us with a lot of expertise in offering training and education.

Why does Flexso support this VDAB training?

SAP leads the market in Belgium and the demand for SAP professionals is at an all-time high. Being an SAP service provider, sharing knowledge is extremely important to Flexso. We are therefore happy to put our weight behind this training program. It provides job seekers the opportunity to take their first steps into the world of SAP, and can change the direction of their careers.

Who is this training program intended for?

The program is geared towards job seekers. It will be organized once or twice a year and will take three to four months. Participants will receive a technical training to become an SAP Consultant, and will work within a small group of only 12 students. In addition to classroom lessons that mostly take place in the VDAB buildings in Heverlee, each participant will also receive individual and smaller group sessions.

Interested to join this program? Upcoming training will start in October. More information

What opportunities will this training provide?

This sophisticated training program has an outstanding reputation. It provides graduates with an ideal base to find an exciting job in the wonderful world of SAP. Currently, Flexso employs several staff members that took their first steps in SAP consulting through this training program.

“I haven’t regretted it for a second”

Patrick Ven and Nikki Claes both managed to leverage their VDAB ‘SAP Consultant’ course into a job at Flexso. Nikki was an ICT coordinator in a school, until 2012. Patrick had reached the ceiling of his career, at the company where he was working, in 2008. After an extensive information session and a motivation interview, they both started the VDAB SAP Consultant training. “It felt a leap in the dark but I haven’t regretted it for a second,” says Patrick, who now works as a Flexso HR consultant.

Step-up to an exciting job

“I can honestly tell students that this training course will bring them a step closer to a fascinating job. I myself am the living proof of that. This programme absolutely gives you a solid understanding of SAP and once you start working in the field, you continually keep learning by working together with others. And at Flexso, in particular, they pay a lot of attention to persistently exchanging knowledge and experience,” says Nikkie, who herself now teaches new students during their SAP Consultant training. If the training is hard? “I can empathize all too well with the insecurities that some participants feel: ‘This is all new and we’ll never be able to master this in just three months’. But sharing my story always reassures them, and makes students see that this is perfectly feasible for them as well.”

Leave your comfort zone

What tips can Patrick give people who are considering this VDAB training? “Jump! Don’t hide in your comfort zone, as you won’t learn anything nor extend yourself if you keep on doing what you’ve been doing for ages. Employers want people who dare step out of the usual path to achieve better results. So learn and keep learning and innovating. By the way, that learning doesn’t stop once you’ve found a job in IT. You’ll have to continue extending yourself and learn new skills, as our industry is constantly changing at rollercoaster speed. That’s incredibly fascinating. Where else can you find so many new job opportunities within one and the same company?” 

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