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How do you find the right people to close your deals the fastest?

Influencer map in SAP Sales Cloud

  • Thomas Van Looy
    Thomas Van Looy

Today’s business is all about engaging our customers, isn’t it? To help companies interact with their customers like never before, SAP is constantly enhancing its CRM offering. Enter ‘SAP Customer Experience. By connecting marketing, sales, customer services, and commerce together in one, single, online platform SAP Customer Experience drives customer insight, boosts sales and adds value to your whole organization.

The highlights? Let’s zoom in on one fantastic feature: the ‘Influencer map’.

How do you find the right people to close your deals the fastest

Selling has become increasingly complex. You have to know your customers’ sector and business, their needs and wants – and maybe even their personal tastes and ‘flavor’.

Sure, you’ve got a bunch of sales and marketing people in your company to help you with that. But do you know which colleague is best to follow up which leads or sales opportunities? Do you have a clue who can ‘influence’ the decision-maker when it’s time to close a deal? 

Use the SAP Sales Cloud influencer map

This great, built-in SAP Sales Cloud feature allows your sales team to pinpoint the sales rep who is closest to the customer. In other words, who is most likely to (help) close a particular deal.

The concept is simple. The influencer map shows all the top influencers in a spiral. The employee who’s closest to the ‘owner of the business opportunity’, i.e. who statistically has the highest probability of sales success, is shown closest to the decision-maker. Just drag and drop his/her picture onto your opportunity. Getting close to your (potential) customers has never been easier or more fun!

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