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The shortcut to e-commerce

Your ERP: The starting-point for your B2B e-commerce journey

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“Today’s consumers are used to buying everything online. Increasingly, buyers for companies want to be able to do the same. This offers lots of opportunities for small business owners with a good head for business.”

Is selling your products online something for you?

68% of B2B buyers now purchase goods online, Uncovering the Shifting Landscape in B2B Commerce, Acquity Group, 2014. 

Let’s say you run a B2B wholesale distribution or manufacturing company. As you wonder if selling your products online is something for you, you Google ‘e-commerce’. And then, boom: 360 million results. Your head is spinning. You try to read through some of the pages. Sadly, the topic is so broad, you're not really getting the wholesale distribution or manufacturing answers you're looking for. Why is that? Because B2B e-commerce is not B2C, or retail e-commerce. It's something else.

B2B and B2C: two different stories

Of course, both B2B and B2C web stores have search and navigation features, offer detailed product information and have personal account history pages. But that’s where the similarities stop. Most B2B businesses have complex ordering processes, large collections of attributes and elaborate back-end systems. Setting up a B2B web store, therefore, is much more complex, as a lot more data needs to be processed. Luckily, there's a shortcut.

Use your ERP system as the start and center of your e-commerce

When implementing an e-commerce solution, it is crucial to use your ERP system as the starting-point. After all, all the business logic needed to set up your web store is available in your EPR platform. That means you’ll be able to set up your sales portal right out of the box, without the need for big investments.

To help you, Flexso decided to team up with Sana Commerce, an expert in B2B e-commerce solutions. Together, we’re able to seamlessly integrate your ERP system with your e-commerce platform.

“Our customers are increasingly looking for ways to couple their SAP platform with an online solution. Hence our decision to join forces with a professional partner like Sana.”
Gunter Heirman, Competence Lead, Flexso

B2B purchasers want to have an overview of the real-time stock, the order history and the negotiated discounts

B2B purchasers want the freedom to purchase goods whenever and wherever it suits them. They want to see the real-time stock level, their order history and the discounts they’ve negotiated. By using your ERP system as the foundation of your B2B e-commerce portal, you won’t need to replicate complex pricing matrices, ordering conditions or the order history.

Increased efficiency, in every respect

The result? Increased efficiency, in every respect. You’ll be able to set up your B2B e-commerce process quicker. Your sales team will be more efficient, as they will be able to focus on gaining new business instead of being bogged down with repeat orders. And, finally, your customers will be happy, as they’ll be able to place routine repeat orders with more ease.

In conclusion: Google no longer, just go ‘e-commerce ‘. Feel free to contact us for expert advice!

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