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Unlock real-time operational data with embedded analytics in SAP S/4HANA

How embedded analytics boosts operational excellence

  • Koen Vanderwegen
    Koen Vanderwegen

Real-time insights into production lines is a key competitive advantage for a lot of companies. A central overview with KPIs on production volumes, manufacturing times, stock movements and financial impacts offers a powerful path towards next-level production efficiency. Learn how we helped a fast-growing Belgian company to achieve just that – with SAP S/4HANA embedded analytics.

Introducing a single source of production line truth

To support continuing growth, it is essential for the company to have insights into the efficiency of its production processes – and for these insights to lead to strategic advantages. Before the SAP S/4HANA implementation, they used manual data collection from several legacy systems and reports weren’t standardised across the different plants – it was, in fact, a static Excel file compiled on a monthly basis.
At the request of local plant managers and the corporate production manager, Flexso stepped in, integrating SAP S/4HANA and building a KPI dashboard covering all different production lines.
The different production times recorded in the shop floor system are synchronised with the production order in SAP. When the production order is confirmed, the production quantity and scrap are registered, and the finalised production volumes are transferred into the warehouses.

An interconnected, global overview of systems and people

This detailed, synchronised data from the work centres can then be combined with information about capacity, enabling the plant managers to determine the ideal utilisation of each production line. This calculation also includes maintenance time, pauses and setup changes to maximise accuracy.
Plant managers can report on different KPIs within defined periods of time, which enables them to not only gain a 360-degree overview of production efficiency, but also to view production trends over time. Even more, the KPIs can be reported on at plant, line and even shift level.

Adding to SAP standard content to meet the client’s needs

To enable this type of reporting:

  • We combined and extended several of SAP S/4HANA’s standard virtual data models. For example, we extended the manufacturing data model to include time information gathered from shop floor systems. And for production orders moved into stock, we enhanced stock insights by adding relevant manufacturing and active shift information.
  • We created a cube view that combines all the underlying information with an easy-to-use semantic layer for key users to create their own KPI queries.
  • We enabled each plant to easily monitor daily performance through SAP Fiori Launchpad, and then quickly jump to related transactional information. If needed, users can easily dive into details via the drill-down behind the app, allowing business personnel to identify specific reasons why KPIs were affected down to the level of the production line, batch, etc.

Easily see current efficiency levels and continuing trends

This real-time model offers analytics capabilities on top of the ERP solution that allows business decision-makers to see production trends over a longer period.

This illustrates the power of SAP S/4HANA’s in-memory database. It’s now possible to combine current and historical operational data with managerial data because of the underlying technology’s ability to handle huge quantities of information.

The right mix: a business-savvy integration partner

Our power lies not only in our strong analytics expertise, but also in our deep understanding of manufacturing processes. The Flexso team has been involved in many SAP S/4HANA projects for a wide range of manufacturing companies – which, in combination with our analytics expertise, makes us the ideal partner for businesses looking for smooth integrations and solutions that exactly meet their needs. 

The business benefits

  • Real-time information about production performance by line.
  • Easily see current efficiency levels and continuing trends
  • One central data repository for all production-related data, across multiple plants.
  • Customised reporting for business-specific insights.
  • Easy-to-use SAP Fiori interface for at-a-glance, plant-level production information.

Ready to discover how your company can gain competitive advantages through enhanced production process insights? Our team would love to hear from you.

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