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SAPience MasterClass Webinars

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The SAPience MasterClasses are continuing in a virtual format. As a partner, we are looking forward to sharing our knowledge about different topics. 

  • May 14 | TECH - Terumo improves operational efficiency with prepacked mobile maintenance apps (powered by Fiori on SAP Cloud Platform)
  • May 19 | HR - allnex customer story
  • May 28 | TECH - Kickstart your digital business with our Mendix-on-SAP accelerator package
  • June 18 | TECH - Smart “coffee-as-a-service” powered by SAP Internet of Things at Miko 

May 14 | Terumo improves operational efficiency with prepacked mobile maintenance apps (powered by Fiori on SAP Cloud Platform)

About Terumo
Terumo Europe is an important player in the EMEA healthcare market. As a subsidiary of the Japanese firm Terumo Corporation, they contribute to society by providing valued products and services in the healthcare market and by responding to the needs of patients and healthcare professionals.

What to expect
User-friendly, light-weight and future-proof are some key characteristics of our Fiori package we’ve implemented at Terumo.
Thanks to the introduction of mobile solutions, tremendous benefits of scale can be realized in companies. The advantages of mobile maintenance apps were immediately acknowledged by the maintenance department, which has been translated into a better collaboration between different departments. 

Thibault Velghe (SAP Plant Maintenance expert, Flexso) and Thomas Swolfs (SAP Platform & Technology expert, Flexso Digital)


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How can prepacked mobile maintenance apps help you to improve operational efficiency? Find out more in the blog.

May 19 | allnex customer story SuccessFactors

About allnex
The international leading company for industrial coating resins, crosslinkers and additives, allnex, employs approximately 4.000 people in 33 manufacturing facilities and 23 research and technology support centers globally. Their mission? To lead in innovation, quality and reliability, and to create value.
Its HR department wanted to tackle the challenges of a global organization in today’s rapidly changing, global market. That’s why they made the shift from a global HR on-premise legacy to a strategic, integrated and innovative cloud platform, SuccessFactors.

What to expect?

  • Get a first-hand look into the HR roadmap of allnex
  • Discover how you can streamline an implementation project to go live quickly and efficiently
  • See how they centralized HR master data from 38 plants in more than 20 countries.
  • Find out how to simplify your recruiting, performance & compensation processes

Lieve Vanderhaeghe (Comp & Ben Director at allnex), will explain in 45 minutes the path and decisions taken to take this bold step in a 1,5 year timespan with the help of Flexso for People

May 19, from 13.30 to 14.30.

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Discover more customer stories.

May 28 | Start-to-low-code with our Mendix-on-SAP accelerator package

SAP and Mendix joined forces in 2017, providing SAP customers a low-code development platform running on SAP Cloud Platform. This allows companies to increase speed, efficiency and overall customer satisfaction when it comes to application development, tightly integrated with your IT and SAP landscape.
Flexso and Apyx have extensive experience with implementing SAP Rapid Application Development (RAD) by Mendix, building integrated applications on top of different SAP solutions (incl. S/4HANA).

What to expect
During this 30 min. webinar you’ll learn how to kick-start your low-code initiative with our ‘Mendix-on-SAP accelerator package’. Our starter apps and plugins offer best practices around deployment, configuration, SAP integration and security.

Thomas Nelissen (Flexso, experts in SAP) and Dennis Keldermans (Apyx, specialized in Mendix) will take you on the digital tour. 

May 28 at 11:00

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Find out how mendix enables you to rapidly build apps without coding

June 18 | Smart “coffee-as-a-service” powered by SAP Internet of Things at Miko

About Miko
Miko is a well-known brand within the coffee industry. Not only for crafting an amazing product, but also adding significant value to product and customer by upholding the best customer service experience. Miko is constantly looking for ways to improve their service model. Together with Flexso Digital, Miko went on a journey to discover how Internet Of Things (IoT) technology could further skyrocket its customer service. 

What to expect
In this 60-minutes webinar, you will more about:

  • How to customer service activities with a mobile app for Miko service personnel
  • How to create a compelling and competitive product offering with pay per use invoicing
  • How to detect pro-actively and remotely technical machine issues
  • How customers can check their consumption and machine status in real-time through Miko’s “customer portal”

Herman Braeken, CIO of Miko will bring this presentation together with Nicolas Goris, Digital SAP Consultant at Flexso Digital. 

June 18, more information will follow

The webinar has ended
Experience the Miko Magic in our most recent blog

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